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Vilasrao Deshmukh NO MORE: Trending on Twitter worldwide

Union Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh who was battling Lungs Cancer is NO MORE. He lost the battle today at Global Chennai Hospital where he was admitted. A man who rose to apex position in Maharashtra Politics from the grass root level. He entered in active politics in 1974 and became Sarpanch of Babhalgaon. He rose to prominence in Maharashtra Politics and in 1999 he became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. His penetration in Maharashtra politics was deep and was clearly visible while negotiating Anna Hazare.

On 7th August it was reported that He is in critical condition and was admitted in breach candy hospital. As his condition worsened, he was transferred to Global Hospital Chennai through air ambulance. When doctor realized that his blood has bacterial infection and can cause damage to other organs was a major obstacle in organ transplant. Doctors were never able to operate and at last Mr Deshmukh lost his battle.

Mr Deshmukh dreamt of making Mumbai a city like Shanghai was battling corruption charges in the last phase of carrier. In 2010 Supreme Court of India imposed a fine of Rs 10 Lakh for shielding a Congress MLA family from money lending complaints by poor farmers. The observation made by Supreme Court was extremely harsh.

As a seasoned Politician, he made a big mistake which costed him his Chief Ministerial Post after 2008 Mumbai attacks. After the attacks he visited the Taj hotel with his son and film director Ram Gopal Verma which became a serious issue in media. He was also questioned in Adarsh Housing scam which costed another Congress Maharashtra CM his  post.

We have observed that death of any prominent personality when trend on Twitter, the tweets reflect’s about the perception of that person in Public eyes. Few days back when the news of Vilasrao Deshmukh being critical came in public domain Twitterzians were extremely critical of him. Today I would say that Twitterzians has tried to maintain the decency and offered him RIP(Rest In Peace). Even Vilasrao would have never thought that his life will suddenly end but that is life.

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