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Why The Washington Post article about Indian PM so explosive?

Washington Post has published an article today  “India’s “Silent” Prime Minister becomes a Tragic Figure” for American Audience has caused immense embarrassment to PM Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Office and Congress Party but why? Is it really something different from Indian media assessment of PM Manohan Singh. It is exactly same as  Indian Media portray PM Manmohan Singh and the general perception Indian Public about him. I am sorry to say as an Indian but he is indeed a point of joke in India.

Simon Denyer India Beureau Chief of Washington Post has written the story and the story certainly jolted the Chairs of Congress.

The article is a critical satire on PM Manmohan Singh, Political functioning and corruption happening in India. The article is in no way a scoop in journalistic terms but certainly it is great news for Washington Post audience in US. The article is of two page and on first page Simon Denyer has  written nothing extraordinary about PM Manmohan Singh.

There is so much furor about the article in media and follow up of the author of the article Simon Denyer. Simon Denyer is working as India Beureau Chief of Washington Post. The furor which has been created by media is not on the issue of PM Manmohan Singh point but what he has written in the later part of the article.

If we dissect the first part of the article, it is about the achievement of the Pm Manmohan Singh and how history will remeber him as Fallen angel. Two imminent person has been quoted in the first part of article Ramachandran Guha a Political Historian and Sanjay Baru Singh’s media adviser in his first term.

In article Mamohan Singh famous shayari is also quoted in English. Honesty, Humbleness, Softness, Shyness and the respect of PM Manmohan Singh has been the point which Congress is using as a Primary defense of  all the allegation. Indian Media and specially opposition is saying this since last three years. Recently PM was attributed as an UNDERACHIEVER by TIMES magazine.

The last part of article in  which Simon Denyer is explaining the status of PM Manmohan Singh in Congress, Gandhi Family and the functioning of congress. There are some lines in the article which reflects the dark truth every one in India but no one says it. The later part of the second part explains how PM Manmohan Singh has been downsized in his stature by his own party so that path for Rahul Gandhi as a PM without any hindrance. A powerful word Cult ( Which is many times used in negative sense)  has been used in reference of the relationship between Congress Party and Gandhi family. The center of Power in Congress has been defined which is Sonia Gandhi. A particular line say’s

“Sonia’s word was destined to remain law”

The article went on to explain that why Manmohan Singh the Small stature was chosen for the big chair. Simon Denyer is right because in explaining PM Manmohan Singh destiny as a PM. He was chosen just because of Loyalty so that Gandhi Family can rule this country indirectly.

Simon Denyer is right because India has lost a great leader and PM because of  Gandhi family Pranab Mukherjee. He was sidelined by giving him a post of president to go down in Indian history with Pride.

The explosive part is the last part of the article. Simon Denyer has wrote the unsaid truth and this is the reason it is explosive.

On Twitter Manmohan Singh,  MMS, Washington Post and WaPo is trending since morning. On Twitter the mood of Indians is nothing against Washington Post because they know all the truth. Nothing to explain.

Manmohan Singh,  MMS hashtag

Madhu Kishwar has not tweeted in reference of The Washigton Post article but her views certainly represent the view of free intelligentsia.

There was a confusion created by a Indian Hindi channel that The Washington Post has apologized  for the article which was not true.

Simon Denyer is also busy on answering lots of Tweet because of the article he has written.


Indian media hypocrisy is again exposed as they are playing the innocent role by asking that what is in the article for which The Washington Post should be apologetic. None of them are or will say that there is anything explosive in the article. Simon Denyer is an scathing attack on the Nepotism, Dynasty based Politics and lack of leadership in the Congress. Indeed how Indian media can say this.

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