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“We are Secular, need to keep communal forces away from power” has costed Indian’s too much

A society can never be secular but it can certainly be tolerant. A tolerant Society has played a very important role in success of democracy.  A government should be a secular and tolerant both because government is not affiliated to any religion.  India is facing a unique form of trouble where secularism has become  political tool for the Government and Political parties to be in power and perpetuate corruption. With the advent of 21st century  India  experienced an unprecedented rise in Media and Communication. As India entered in to the 21st Century Gujarat faced communal violence which shook the conscience of the country. It was an extremely painful experience through which India has to go through but underneath of that experience Political class and a huge section of media conspired a concept and executed it that it has costed India as a nation far greater than what communal forces has costed.

In India in last eight years the concept of secularism is twisted to level that it can never be repaired back to its original meaning in Indian society. It has not happened because of the communal riots of 1983 in Assam, 1984 riots in Delhi, 1992 riots and 2002 Gujarat riots. It has happened because of the power game which is played by Political parties and personalities in India on the name of being secular and condemning communal forces. A major section of media has played an important role in promoting this twisted concept of Secularism. Bihar a powerful example of the reality we want to uncover.

What is the achievement of the Lalu Prasad regime in Bihar? Answer will be his regime was too much strict on communal forces and mangaed to contain them. No other achievement of a fifteen year regime. In his fifteen year rule Bihar State Government machinery, Law and Order and bureaucracy were almost destroyed. Corruption and crime penetrated the society deeply. In 2005 under the leadership of  Nitish Kumar JDU and BJP defeated RJD and reversed the unfortunate fate of BIHAR.

It will take at-least two more decades for BIHAR to catch-up with other Indian states. Lalu Yadav managed to have three terms of power in BIHAR on the name of caste and secularism. What he achieved for  these people who voted for him and kept him in power? Nothing. He did nothing for Bihar in his three terms.

After Gujarat riots a new form of Political concept penetrated Indian Politics. This politics was based on dividing Indians on the name of religion under the mask of  Secularism. Who was the architecture of this devil concept but Congress party became the protagonist in promoting and selling this concept to one section of society which is Muslim.

The plan was to redefine the concept of secularism. Long term PR campaign was initiated in which an perception of right wing Hindutva was carefully created by Indian Media. Political parties like Congress, SP and BSP became the main beneficiary of media campaign. It became an unofficial constitutional rule for every news channel anchor that they have to balance every Muslim radicalization debate with a Hindu right wing  activity.  The new form of secularism in India is an act of balancing between Muslim and Hindu radicalization. It became the job of top editors of India, When a Hindu editor or journalist is discussing the role of Hindu radicalization then it is certainly sending out a signal to other communities that yes it exist? It went too the extent that a known figure in Indian Digital Media coined a term Internet Hindu.


Some how in last eight years this propaganda of new form of secularism has divided society so deeply that all the communal violence which has happened in India look like a minnow in front of this giant of perception.  The biggest damage it has done is it has divided Indian society in two parts which is knows as Religion in majority and Religion in minority. The worst part is it has pulled religion out in Public domain.

Recently two important development happened in Indian politics. These two important incidents are Mamta Banerjee has withdrew support of TMC from UPA 2 in which Congress is principle party but Mulayam Singh Yadav bailed out UPA 2 on the name of secularism and keeping communal forces away from power. He was referring to BJP.

There is something seriously wrong with whole concept. UPA 2 is the most corrupt, intolerant, divisive and intolerant government India has face since Independence. The collation  is rusted by a series of scams worth of billions dollars and an innate resistance to contain corruption. Lokpal bill was not passed even after it received the sense of house and Prime Minister has hinted indirectly to resist and punish who are involved in corruption. UPA 2 has promoted nepotism, crony capitalism to fill the coffers of Politicians and Corporates at the cost of exchequer.

Mulayam Singh Yadav is trying to save a government on the name of Secularism and keeping a communal powers at bay. In reality he is doing it for his political ambitions. In last eight years UPA and Congress has adopted the strategy of Lalu through which he ruled Bihar. Plunder the resources of nation under the mask of secularism, casteism and pretend as saint. Mulayam and Mayawati will be answerable to the nation because their parties provided the needed oxygen to UPA 2 and Congress party to survive. Indian’s need to punish all the political parties boldly who has betrayed them on the name of secularism.

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    Awesome article….I hope this message goes out to every Indian

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