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Where India is leading in 2014 Lok Sabha elections?


2014 Lok Sabha elections will be remembered in India as most important election at least for the first half of this century. In 2014 India will be a 67-year-old democratic country  still very young and tender but has managed to stay a democratic country  since Independence. People who guided India in to a democratic society were brilliant, democrat and incorruptible. They knew what is freedom and the cost India has paid to meet it. Our biggest achievement in last 65 years is all the government which has been selected in state or central are democratically elected government (except for the period of emergency in 1975). The election process may be flawed but we have manged to stage elections and a belief in electoral process has been installed. Except this we have failed miserably as a democratic country.

The metamorphism of Political parties in Indian democracy in to family run business firm and its acceptance on Public forum and media has been the major cause of . Naturally the trend was started by Congress and especially by Indira Gandhi and then the trend went on to capture the imagination of regional Political leaders. From Tamilnadu to J&k we have Political Parties like DMK , Jammu and Kashmir National Conference following the ideology of Congress which is not democratic but monarchy.

Biggest problem Indian democracy is not religious extremism but the rise and complete hold of monarchy system inside the functioning of Political Parties in a democratic India. Rahul Gandhi will  be certainly promoted as the leader of Congress in 2014 election and it will be of extreme importance for Congress to win the election. Pranab Mukherjee who could have been one of the best bet for India as a Prime Minister was sidelined by giving presidential post. Inside congress now Rahul Gandhi can certainly stand as a PM candidate with the surrendered support of all Senior or Junior leaders. There is a unique divine acceptance of Gandhi’s as a leader in Congress and a utter disgusting lack of competition among other leaders for most powerful post of India. 2014 general elections can be considered as the launchpad for Rahul Gandhi’s active Political career as a PM of India and that’s why it is of utmost importance for Congress to win 2014 election otherwise monarchy will start crumbling.

Congress has solved the internal problem and there are two problems outside of Congress. These two problems are the most successful CM of last decade. Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are external Leader who will naturally outsmart Rahul Gandhi as a leader.

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NDA will never accept Narendra Modi as a candidate since it wants to keep up the secular image and in BJP no one has the ability to surpass Narendra Modi as a PM candidate. If NDA will go for election in 2014 as NDA naturally Nitish Kumar will be the PM candidate which will be unacceptable to BJP and especially Narendra Modi. It is not easy to solve the conundrum of NDA, BJP , Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar because in 2015 Bihar state elections is also scheduled to happen. The most fruitful stage for NDA can be if these two forces Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi will support each other for 2014. Narendra Modi + Nitish Kumar is the equations which will be the nightmare for the Congress.

Narendra Modi is a leader who has the ability to polarize the Hindu votes and Nitish Kumar can be equally powerful in providing the combination a secular image. These two CM has exemplary record of development and tuning between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi can be an undefeated combination.

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The nightmare for NDA and especially for BJP will be if NDA will not accept Narendra Modi as PM of India in 2012 no one can have an insight in 2014 still the chances are high because state election will happen in Bihar in 2015. Congress must be analyzing the situation very closely.

The biggest problem for NDA will be a third front or a crisis inside NDA.  NDA should work hard to be united and to fought election with a UPA in crisis through a series of corruption charges. One thing for sure congress will be certainly benefited by a third front.

There will be third front for sure but who will lead this third front. The parties who will play major role in creating a third front will be state parties SP, TMC, NCP or DMK. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mamta Banerjee appeared to be enthusiastic about their chances in 2014. These parties and the ambitions of the supremo of these parties will also decide the direction of 2014 election and India.

Best opportunity for Congress will be NDA without any leader. 2014 elections will be a turning point for Indian democracy and India.

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  1. mahesh bhalke says:

    the name of mr.sharadchandra pawarsaheb is not there in this aartical,whats about him.

  2. Gandhi says:

    Rahul Gandhi as PM of India is the worst thing that could happen in 67 years of Independence.

  3. prs says:

    Sharadchandra Pawar shaeb i s a chor. He was slapped once – he needs to be slapped again!

  4. prs says:

    Sharadchandra Pawar shaeb i s a chor. He was slapped once – he needs to be slapped again!

  5. harsha says:

    Don’t vote for rahul

  6. harsha says:

    Don’t vote for rahul

  7. harsha says:

    Don’t vote for rahul

  8. harsha says:

    Don’t vote for rahul

  9. srfsrf says:

    Rahul will never agree to became PM. Why should he work hard when he can enjoy even greater power by minimum work and minimum responsibilities. It is better to be a king maker than to be a king. Rahul knows this well from experience if his mother. Anyway congress will be in double figure only,so this question will not arise in next election.

  10. Youth Patriot says:

    Lets kick Rahul’s ass by voting against him

  11. Youth Patriot says:

    Lets kick Rahul’s ass by voting against him

  12. Faizan says:

    Congress has nothing to lose in this election, Congress will go with worst image in this elections because of their misgovern, Scams and lots of negative image of Congress in last 10 years of governance. Congress can’t win with only Rahul Gandhi as their leader. BJP on the other hand have a benefit with Narendra Modi as their leader with successful record in Gujarat. The main thing is that can Modi do whole India like Gujarat or he can’t win the trust of people accept Gujarat. 3rd front is bad choice because of their past history. It is very difficult to bring Modi and Nitiesh Kumar because of their 2 different mindset. 2014 elections will certainly a Elections to watch out for!

  13. Aj says:

    Plz No to Rahul, he does not have what it takes to be PM. ” Well no to congress

  14. Rohan says:

    congress will again because educated people vote only on facebook and twitter not in actual election voting is like 45% compared to 90% in usa, most educated people dont even have voting cards

  15. Sabyasachi Ghosh says:

    This Time voters should boot out Italian Lady( Illiterate ) & his Servant Manmohan ( Shameless Pm)From Center & Bring in Namo As he has development plans for India Whereas Congress has Idiot Rahul , Sonia , Manmohan , Chidambaram, Digvijay & Debate on who is secular , who is communal on their Agenda nothing else. Namo is needed by India ( BJP should support Namo as he is mass leader of India). In U.P Leaders like Akhilesh Yadav , MSY are just doing vote bank politics for Muslims,S.P does’nt have any development agenda for U.P . Namo is needed in Centre & U.P.

  16. Indian says:

    I do not think that BJP Can do all the ground work i.e.,allies. Cong is very Smart in such calculations and will certainly buy them…… the Youngsters Need to educate our Society and vote Against The Present Party of monarchy.let us put an end to congress in Future india.

  17. hemenparekh says:

    UPA 3 or NDA 2 ? What is your Choice ?

    Our country is facing a long list of Economic and
    Social problems

    Many of these require enacting new legislation

    Equal number require strict implementation of existing

    Solutions of quite a few problems , need bold / innovative
    and often , unpopular steps demanding deep sacrifices from different sections
    of our society

    All of these need,

    Ø A heightened
    sense of co-operation ( National interest comes first )

    Ø Willingness to reach compromises ( win
    some / lose some )

    Ø An acute sense of urgency ( get going now /
    improve along the way )

    Unfortunately , during the past few years , hardly any
    progress could be made towards Political / Social / Economic reforms , since no
    single political party got an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha

    And , unless the Indian voters understand the
    shortcomings of the Coalition Government and decide to give one party ( it does
    not matter which ) , an absolute
    majority in the forthcoming 2014 national elections , we can expect repetition
    of the history !

    No Government which has to hopelessly depend upon its
    coalition partners , can carry out the desired reforms

    I believe , any major national party ( only Congress
    and BJP ? ) , which gets less than 275 seats in Lok Sabha , will continue to be
    blackmailed by its coalition partners

    And it would make absolutely no difference whether
    Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi heads UPA 3 or NDA 2 , as the Prime Minister !

    Either would be an impotent puppet of “ Coalition
    Dharma “ where corrupt partners dictate the shape of reforms !

    It is simple

    Either we give 300 seats to a single party or we
    continue to suffer for another 5 years !

    Remember , an imperfect decision is any day better than
    No Decision !


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