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Who is Narendra Modi?


Who is Narendra Modi? What a foolish question and heading of an article. Everyone knows that Narendra Modi is PM candidate of BJP for 2014 election. BJP top brass supported his elevation without the approval of L.K Advani. Narendra Modi elevation as PM candidate for 2014 has created a nervousness in the approach of media and oldest power holding party in India.

Indian Media English or Hindi doesn’t know how to present or accept this fact  ”Narendra Modi as PM candidate”. Congress doesn’t know how to confront  an opposition with an extraordinary leader because since last 66 years Congress basic strategy is ” Don’t allow any one to be leader except Gandhi’s”. They don’t know how to deal with the situation know as Narendra Modi. Their biggest partner which is media is also clueless and they tried every other means to handle Narendra Modi.

Why the grand strategists from Media and Congress is clueless about Narendra Modi? In a decade the prophets of these news organization have not been able to decode Narendra Modi.

In 66 years of the existence of India no one has been able to breach the boundaries of the power circle which has produced Prime Ministers. Majority of them has come from a Gandhi family or people who has been loyal to Gandhi family has been allowed to be the PM of India. The power brokers and holders who are sitting in Delhi has established a complicated web of system which has allowed to hold them to power for such a long period.

Narendra Modi case is alien to them . Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in an independent India. Freedom was already achieved and superstars of Indian freedom struggle were ruling the country. Narendra Modi born in a lower middle class family worked with his brother as a tea vendor in his teenage. An average student not a brilliant one like his competitor Mr Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar. Narendra Modi did his graduation from Delhi University and Masters in Political Science from Gujarat University. He was no where active and successful on Political scene like his BJP colleagues Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitely.  He joined RSS as a Pracharak and was loaned to BJP only in 1987 when his Political career was launched. In 26 years he has elevated himself as a contender of the top most post of India.

A brilliant strategist and administrator Narendra Modi was the key for 1995 win of BJP in Gujarat state assembly electon. Firmness and no compromise has always been the most important aspect of his leadership. He removed all the divisive equation from Gujarat BJP. Modi was appointed as the CM of Gujarat in October 2001. The main idea was to prepare Gujarat BJP for December 2002 election.

The unfortunate riots of 2002 in Gujarat shocked the nation and blotted the spotless career of  Narendra Modi when he was just starting his active political career in a chief ministerial role. L.K Advani stood by him and he continued as a CM. A man without any experience to handle media was hounded by every righteous journalist of India to take responsibility for what happened in Gujarat. He became the Frankenstein monster of Indian media.

The same media when it comes to criticize Congress for corruption, scandals, mismanagement of economy, nepotism, favoritism and riots which happened in Congress ruled state like Assam lacks the potency.

Narendra Modi has subjected himself to a very high level of scrutiny from CBI to Supreme Court appointed SIT. In a decade not a single evidence has been found against him. He took criticism in his stride and made Gujarat one of the best governed state India has ever seen. He evolved as a leader and went on to lead BJP in to three straight state assembly election victory. He also learned importance of marketing and communication in the field of Politics. He pioneered the use of social media in Indian Politics and created a different communication medium for himself with the younger population of India. Why he did it? The natural answer is the available medium which is TV and Print were not being fair to him. He took this obstacle also as an opportunity. Now a days each prophets of Indian journalism has problem with the ardent followers of Narendra Modi on Social media.

The average student of Political Science comprehended the concept of marketing and communication better than all seasoned Politicians of India. In decades Indians are witnessing a leader who is trying to sell them something he has achieved. He is not selling the abstract secularism but pragmatism of economic development he has achieved in his state . Narendra Modi is a leader who should lead India in to twenty first century.

Narendra Modi is a man of integrity, no nonsense, maverick, hard working and uncompromising in nature. His status in BJP is earned in the presence of stalwarts Leader like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitely. A man with simple taste but great vision about his country. Narendra Modi is a power and phenomenon which independent India has never seen. He want’s a name for himself by taking his country to new heights in Twenty first century.


The phenomenon which is known as Narendra Modi is like a Pandora box because Congress party and prophets of Indian media has never dealt with something like him. They are still trying to decode him, counter and ostracize him but his popularity and brand value rose. The more media was biased towards him Narendra Modi gained more followers. It happened because it the biased approach of Indian media was visible. The pet name of Indian news media is Paid media on internet.

Congress problem is that they don’t know how to deal with a strong leader. In the history of Congress party after independence there is one official policy ” There is only one Leader and they are Gandhi’s”. Even highly educated man like Shashi Tharoor describe this incompetent policy of Congress as a mystique around Gandhi family. It is like propagating nepotism but no one from media has ever dared to grill Congress or Gandhi family on this issue. Congress doesn’t know how to deal with strong leader.

Congress used every trick to handle Narendra Modi but Modi Political fortune continue to rose. We have to understand that why Narendra Modi is a revolution in Indian Politics. He is a common man of India with a humble beginning. He is not a genius but a man of handwork and integrity. Narendra Modi through out life means business without any retreat. Neither he doesn’t belong to left wing intelligentsia fraternity or to the elitist power broker and corporate family. He is a common man who has made his Political fortunes on the basis of his handwork and by producing result.

He is an Indian who has faced all opposition in his life still he has it. Congress and Indian media doesn’t understand or want to comprehend a tea vendor who is just a simple Indian.

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