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Why migrants from Bihar and UP an easy target for Congress?

Just few days back Raj Thacakrey said ”If the Bihar government tries to become a hurdle in the way of a police investigation, then my party would dub every Bihari in Maharashtra as an infiltrator and would force them to leave the state”. The problems with this line is using word infiltrator for Bihari and forcefull eviction of Biharis from Maharashtra. The statement was made in the context of the letter send by DGP of Bihar Government to Mumbai Police. The comment which is made by Mr Thacakrey may be in between the quotation of if and the but is is extremely inflammatory in nature for more than 1 million people for Bihar living in Maharashtra.

The leakage of letter from Maharashtra Government happened particularly to Contain Raj Thacakrey. The problem with Congress is that they can allow to spread verbal and physical hate against any community to achieve any goal.

NCP and Congress colation government is ruling Maharashtra and it is in its second term.  Congress has unique Policy and history of divisive Politics.  It is very important for Congress to contain leadership inside Congress and other parties inside Maharashtra for Congress. No one would have heard of a Powerful state CM (Exception of Sharad Pawar) in congress and the main reason behing containing any leadership is maintaining the absolute control of Gandhi family. Congress apply divisive politics outside Congress party also.

MNS was the creation of Congress not to contain Shiv Sena but certainly to contain BJP. Congress has the habit of playing extremely dangerous  divisive emotional Politics . In 2008 MNS was given a freehand in attacking poor people from  Bihar and UP. Bihari student came for a Railway exam in Thane and they were brutally beaten. There are clips available in which Police is inactive while students were being beaten. The free hand which was given to MNS has one purpose. To divide the vote of Shiv Sena.

A 19 year old teen name Raj was brutality murdered at point blank distance by Maharashtra Police because as per reports he has hijacked a BUS in 2008.  Same Maharastra Police which allowed thousands of Muslims to vandalize Police and media vehicles, amar jawan jyoti and create ruckus. In the whole incident more than 45 policeman were injured and two people were killed.  Why not some mercy these people have shown to the 19 year old man. Sacrificing life just to be in power has been the strategy of Congress.

2008 violence against Bihari and UP migrants specially the Poor one was not perpetuated by MNS but it was orchestrated by Congress-NCP and MNS was just a mask. Why Congress choose Bihar and UP migrants as target? There is a uniqueness in the targeted attack against Bihari.

1. In Assam Bihari were attacked under the leadership of Congress government.

2. Comment by Sheila Dikshit against Bihari in Delhi.  Congress government is ruling Delhi. It backfired but there were attempts to arouse the emotion against people from Bihar.

3. attack against Bihari and UP in the rule Congress Government and free hand was given to perpetrators.

4. Verbal violence is normal against people from Bihar.

Why in Congress ruled state  Biharis and UP are attacked on the name of migrants. Forget about attack why not government of these states has not been able to provide security to people from these states. Gujarati and Rajasthani are also migrant in Mumbai and Maharashtra but why not they are targeted.

What is the role of Gujarati and Rajasthani in Mumbai.

1. In Mumbai retail industry of any type from sweets to a xerox copy shop is owned by Rajasthani. I will not say that they have absolute control over it but certainly they rule it. A unique kind of lobby exists in these shops. People from their village only work in these shops. Movers and Packers business is control by people from Rajasthan.

2. Gujarati control the finance of India. They control almost everything From Bollywood to Bombay Stock Exchange. In Mumbai Gujarati has absolute control over money.

3. South Indians have absolute control over Hospitality business in Mumbai. Shettys are the king.

Gujarati, Rajasthani and South Indians have the alienation towards hiring people from their own state till they can manage. Once the business grew and they need more talented people then they certainly start looking forward. There is nothing wrong in it and all of them have contributed a lot in the economy of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. In my view no one has contributed more than Gujarati in Indian economy.

Any one who will read this article will say that in Gujarat BJP government is there still Gujarati is not being targeted. I will say that they have financial powers and they provide the money to Parties to fight election. So no one will attack their bankers. Thats why Congress government will never make a move against Gujarati.

Still if we will look deep in to the ideologies of MNS and Shiv Sena which is based on Son Of Soil. People from Gujarat and Rajasthan are also stealing the job and business opportunity of local population. Then why they are not attacked? The main reason is Money.

Congress has not failed to provide security to migrants from these two states but instead Congress has orchestrated and  promoted whole show. Congress is also working to contain the influence of Raj Thackeray.

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Bihar and Orissa is one the most exploited state in Indian history. Bihar used to have the largest share mineral resources in India from Coal to iron ore. There are only two towns Bokaro and Jamshedpur or TATA  which can be considered as an industrial town. TATA is an industrial town because of TATA. Resources of Bihar were used by all over India but these states and there natives got nothing.

Not a surprising situation that Orissa and Bihar are one of the most poor states in India. When Jharkhand was made  Bihar lost its mineral resources also. We are living in hopeless situation in which to be in power national integrity can also be put on stake by Political parties.

One of the biggest fallacies regarding concept of migration is said on the terms of Culture and Ethnicity. The awkwardness of the situation is all the sates in India were created on the basis of language. Culture of India is same through out India because it emanates from Santana Dharma. Culture is one the most misunderstood concept among Indians about India.

Gujarat is also one the most developed state in India and people migrate to Gujarat also in search of livelihood. Migration is one the divisive politics Congress is playing to gain some point in Maharashtra. Again one question remained unanswered is why Congress has choose to bet against UP and Bihari.

The reason is extremely simple because of Political equations. Bihar is ruled by BJP-JD and the performance of the government is so great that there is no chance of any other party to come back in Bihar. In UP it is a fight between SP and BSP. The political stake of Congress is zero in these two states so they can afford to sacrifice the people from these states to maintain a control over Financial capital of India. We are living a hopeless time of Political situation in India.

In some way Congress one of the national party has betrayed people of these two states. We know the value of these two states in national Politics.

So Welcome to the Party of Indian National Congress.

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