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Why Pakistan will always promote terrorism?

As an Indian I have my point of view on Pakistan which has particularly shaped after Mumbai attacks. Before that Pakistan has an existence of an alien enemy nation who is promoting terrorism with India in my mind. I was sixteen when Kargil happened and lost the historical importance of that event while growing up.

On 26 November 2008 I attended one of my evening training session of Landmark Education at Jai Hind college near by Church gate station. The session ended at 10:00 PM and I strolled towards CST. Something strange was happening as I saw some Police few vehicle moving on road with an urgency. Later I realized that those vehicles were moving for TRIDENT Hotel which is near by Jai Hind college and Churchgate.  Even the number of people on street was abnormally low. I received a call from my friend that in South Bombay some incidents related to Gangwar is happening and I should be carefull. Till that time I have already reached Fountain and I thought in another few minutes I will catch my train from CST.From fountain road towards CST was silent like a graveyard.


There was a complete absence of vehicles, human being and  even dogs. I didn’t cared about it and moved ahead. While I was closing towards CST sound of bullets were clearly audible. Just 100 m before CST in-front of a world famous fast food franchise a small crowd was standing. I asked them what is happening and answer was “No Clue”. After some time crowd dispersed in fear. I also walked towards Bhendi Bazar foolishly but I reached there safely. I always think that walking alone from CST to Bhendi Bazaar was one of the most idiotic decision of my life even I reached their safely. I called my friend also he told me that even in media no clarity is available. The roads were silent and whole area was Lifeless (Which is abnormal for Mumbai). From Bheendi Bazaar I hired a taxi directly for Navi Mumbai. After reaching home I was glued to TV till the time all the terrorist were killed. The painful and unfortunate incident went for 60 hours. More than 200 innocent people were killed. Fifteen Police Men ,two NSG commandos and three railway officials of CST also lost their life while battling against this insane and psychotic attack. Four year has passed and Pakistan has not coordinated with India to bring the perpetrators  of Mumbai attack to Justice. Indian authority is doing what ever they can do and whole case if progressing slowly. The brutality of Mumbai attacks forced me to ask a single question that how come a country can promote such terrorist act? There are question’s which no one can avoid for long and this one was an important one. When I started this blog I revisited my question’s and tried to find an answer.


1. Death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the biggest loss for Pakistan. He died on 11 September 1948 after just after one year of independence of Pakistan. His death was such a colossal loss for Pakistan that even after 65 Pakistan is still searching for another Jinnah. Pakistan became a leader less state since 1948 and it is still leaderless. The impact of death of Jinnah on Pakistan was

-Leaderless Pakistan:  In India Congress was full of leaders, on the contrary in Pakistan the vacuüm created by the death of Jinnah was so huge that not a single leader   has been able to fill it even after 62 years of his death. Power, Democracy and Secularism was hijacked in Pakistan by feudal landlords and then by Army and bureaucrats.

- Democracy: The current form of democracy in Pakistan is a fraud and in past democracy has always been a clear joke. The four pillar of democracy Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Press has never existed. All the pillars has been a complete failure in Pakistan.

-Secularism: Secularism in Pakistan is non existent. The Population of Hindus was 22% of Pakistani Population in 1947 which has dropped to 3.3% . The situation of Christians in Pakistan is as bad as Hindu. In 1956 Pakistan became an Islamic Republic and the power broker in Pakistan retracted from the promise Jinnah has made about the equality of citizens. After 1970 Pakistan moved towards Islamization and Islamic Sharia law was implemented in Pakistan.

In Pakistan Hindus and Christian are abducted on regular basis and converted into Muslims by force. Pakistani media and society has closed their eyes on this issue.

Foreign Policy and India: Pakistan as a nation negatively obsessed with India. The level of obsession is so high that Pakistan needed an illusive relative enemy named India. The foreign policy of Pakistan towards India is Army based. It is clearly visible in the discussion of Media that India is a great issue for Pakistan. From Indian democracy, development and culture Pakistan has an issue. Somewhere I have a notion that India as an enemy of Pakistan on every aspect is the anecdote which Pakistani establishment always give to the society of Pakistan as remain integrated.

Pakistan budget on military depends on Indian Defense budget.(Indian defense budget is bigger than the budget of all Pakistan). It has amazed me that Pakistan has not recognized Israel as a nation state even when Pakistan is not a Arab state. Two Arab state who shares boundary with Israel has recognized Israel as a state.

Pakistani establishment has always been in the official state of denial about encouraging any terrorist activity in India. A complete denial about any involvement. The parasite of terrorism which Pakistan was feeding to infect and inflict terror activities in India has at-last infected Pakistan badly.

Media: Pakistani media main job is to feed on the emotion of sentiments against India. It is deeply rooted in the society of Pakistan and it reflects in media also. Media acts as tool of ISI and Army to propagate their issue. In recent times US is attacking in Pakistan through drones on specific targets in which civilians were killed. Pakistan sovereignty which I don’t think exist has been breached by US. Pakistan in retaliation blocked NATO supplies lines and asked for a apology which in reality they never get. Pakistani media main job was to create shows to say that Pakistani establishment has spine.

(Pakistani Government opened NATO supplies route)

Pakistani media has a unique relationship with India. I said unique relationship because Pakistani media can’t exist without the concept of India but they hate it. Claims and boasting against India is vividly present in media. There is one person whose name is Zaid Hamid who on record talks about killing about all the Brahmans in India. He is rhetorical about his IslamNazi and hate mongering views and is considered as a serious debater in Pakistani media. There are very few people who have maintained an extremely balanced and practical views about Pakistan current situation. Hassan Nissar, Najam Sethi and Marvi Sirmed are few to name. Other than that Pakistani media is nothing more than a business of promoting ISLAM and hate against other culture and religion. ( On the contrary Indian Media decided to ignore Praveen Togadia rhetorical approach)

Education and distorted History: Pakistan as a nation is  promoting an education system based on lies to the young generation. It is happening since the formation of Pakistan. Last year USCIRF release a report Connecting the Dots: Education and Religious discrimination in Pakistan   provide a clear perspective on state of education.

On Wikipedia there is a unique page available with a heading Pakistani textbook Controversy  which also provide the shady education system in Pakistan. The whole issue is

-Pakistani textbook orientation towards ISLAM.

- Whitewash of History.

- Promoting anti India and anti Hindu sentiments.

Ayesha Jalal and Hussain Haqquani has openly criticized the test books which is used in schools and colleges of Pakistan ( Only Government authorized textbook is allowed in schools and college). Pakistan is a unique country not ready to retrospect on their mistakes and rectifying them a whole system is in place to hide all those mistakes and promote the agenda of few.

No respect for Human Resource or citizens: Pakistani establishment has no respect for their citizens and their Human Resource. I will just give reference to two incidents.

Mohammad Abdus Salam was the first and single Nobel Laureate from Pakistan and he belonged to Ahmadi Quadyanis sect. In 1974 he the Pakistani Constitution declared Ahmadi Quadyani sect as a Non Muslim and in protest he left Pakistan and moved to London. In 1996 Abdus Salam died at the age of 70 and he was buried Bahishti Maqbara at Rabwah Punjab next to his Parent graves.  I am quoting Wikipedia page on Abdus Salam

The epitaph on his tomb initially read “First Muslim Nobel Laureate” but, because of Salam’s adherence to the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, the word “Muslim” was later erased on the orders of a local magistrate, leaving the nonsensical “First Nobel Laureate”.Under Ordinance XX, Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims.

It is an utter disrespect of a person who loved and contributed his country. It clearly reflect the position of the establishment and society of Pakistan.

Recently when in an interview with CNN when confronted with the question that 30% of the Pakistani wants to leave this country. The reply of the PM of Pakistan was “They can leave. Who is stopping them?”. The CNN reporter was even shocked by his reply. Watch this clip.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]8mXR144jylw[/youtube]

War is a business: Rehet Butler one of the main protagonist in Gone with the wind sees  war as an opportunity ”There’s just as much money to be made in the wreck of a civilization as in the upbuilding of one.” There is whole system in Pakistan who wants to keep Pakistan in a state of war because it allows them to make money. It is clearly visible that from political establishment to army every one in Pakistan is in business of making money through WAR and maintaining the unstable state of the country. Pakistan has fought four wars with India and twenty years Pakistan has spend as an ally of US in Afghanistan.

It may be it sound like a joke but Pakistan is most advance training institution for anyone who want to indulge in terrorist activities. The whole infrastructure which support these training institute are provided by these government.

Conclusion: Pakistan is promoting terrorism in world because it is the main business of establishment to earn money. Government and Army has no intention of taking the country on path of development rather Army and Political Parties have their own goals to achieve. War, Terrorism, Corruption is the main business of Pakistani establishment. They have invested a lot in developing an infrastructure from Human Resource to money to maintain these unethical business. The arguments which is available in media is Pakistan is suffering from radical Islam or home grown terrorism is a crap. Seeds of these ideology has been promoted and nurtured by the people who were leading the Government. In reality Pakistan is a state in complete denial of their situation and the thinking process is Nuclear power will protect Pakistan. We have witness the fall of the mightiest power of world USSR. Pakistan has become an indispensable liability for each and every country on Globe especially for India. I am saying liability because of all the terror related activities promoted and funded by Pakistan and indispensable because of the nuclear warheads. the biggest problem for world is not Afghanistan or Iran but it is Pakistan. World powers should seriously consider in solving this problem or in near future it will inflect everyone.

My conclusion has been derived from Pakistani media. On a personal level I want that Pakistan as country should prosper. It will not happen till Pakistan will keep involve in the business of War. Pakistan seriously need a leader who disconnect the country from WAR, Mullahs diktat, terrorist activity which is promoted by Pakistan and internal terrorism.  Pakistan as a country need to refocus their Human Resource towards education, health, employment and instill a confidence in normal citizen. I hope but realistically don’t think it will happen ever.

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