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Why world needs Julian Assange?


Julian Assange founder of wikileaks.org has lost his appeal in UK supreme court. There is still some hope alive for Julian Assange but chance of him getting extradited to Sweden is very high. There is a basic question which is roaming in my mind since many day’s and it is Why world needs Julian Assange?

How many people in world knew about him and his contribution’s? I have no statistics but I will share some observations.

The concepts of Politics and democracy has either lost any meaning or only an iota is left. We are politically deactivated and democracy is being systematically deactivated.

One of the biggest drawback or loophole of Democracy and Politics is the majority stakeholder participation is for a very limited period that is  ”Election and Voting”. This limited participation of 99.99% stakeholder in the main process is the main reason I think we are politically Deactivated society. It is prevalent throughout world.

Political analyst will say that Media, opposition and pressure groups keeps the majority stakeholder engage with Government but it is a utopia of Democracy which was never realized. Existence of an organization like wikileaks.org  and the work it’s done in last 6 years of its existence is an enlightening proof that Democracy has remained a Utopian concept.

wkileaks.org has released more classified documents in last six years than whole world media combined in their whole time of existence. So comparatively conventional or traditional media has done a bad job. We are living in a society in which democracy is systematically destroyed and members of society are politically deactivated and activated for consumerism.

Jullian Assange is a far greater concept than his physical existence. He is a rare combination of brilliance armed with technical knowledge as well as someone whose state of conscious about his surroundings is very high. Jullian Assange has a mind which constantly questions the state of justice, democracy and media around the world. A man with a deep understanding of true nature of the mechanism  of the system which govern’s or rule the world. He could have easily been, the successful entrepreneur which he is not.

Malcom Gladwell  characterization of an entrepreneur’s has strike me very hard. He argued that entrepreneur can’t be moral. Person like Julian Assange could never be an entrepreneur because of a great sense of morality and justice. While reading all the topics on his blog, I am surprised to ask one question that Why a person who is man of science and technology is writing on these topics. I will share few of topics.

1.Everyone and no one wants to save the world

2.Runaway consumerism explains the Fermi Paradox.

3. The right things to do.

There are many more articles and many of them will allow any one to think that Who will right these article’s? Obvious answer will an author with a very high level of knowledge and Conscious. Julian Assange in his interview with Chris Anderson on TED said very interesting thing about his core values “Capable generous men don’t create victims but nurture victims” and  He described himself as a combative person. I found this description extremely mysterious. Julian Assange section on Wikepedia provide us a great piece of information:

[highlighter color="gray" ]“His stepfather, Julian’s first “real dad”, described Julian as “a very sharp kid” with “a keen sense of right and wrong”. “He always stood up for the underdog … he was always very angry about people ganging up on other people.”[/highlighter]

The above description somehow describes the mystery of ”Capable generous men don’t create victims but nurture victims”.

Why this world needs Jullian Assange?

Julian Assange is a character which is of extreme importance for the safeguards, evolution and realization of democracy in world. Democracy is required for the 99.99% of the population of the earth. Julian Assange is a man who has a brilliant technical mind combined with conscience of morality, justice and courage. Wikileaks.org could not have been created by a man who has only brilliance of technology or someone with only conscience of morality and justice.


If I have to define wikileaks.org, “It is an online media which is in the business of activating Political Engagement of an individual globally in the system of democracy by leaking classified information”. Printing press was the first tool which leaked the information, internet was second, Google third and here comes wikileaks.org .

Information is the key which impacts every aspect of human behavior and it allows a human being to choose better options for them. The classified information which is leaked by wikileaks.org has impacted behavior  of million’s of people around the Globe. It has activated the political participation of and helped in creating the structure of democracy.

World need’s Jullian Assange for the better future of the world. When I think of Classified documents and world conventional media, a quote of Gandhi comes in my mind:

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.  Mahatma Gandhi.

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