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75% off at Kailasham Kerala Ayurveda: An ad or news in Times Of India Other stories section

  Madhu Trehan in “Can You Take It” has raised one question again and again with top notch editors of India about Times Of India’s advertisement strategy. Her emphasis on that question some times amazed me. I always knew that we are facing some real problem when it comes to media in terms of digital and print. I think that particularly people who are born in eighties or after that have not seen the highest level of journalistic ethics being followed in Indian media. A whole generation has been trained to read Newspaper which is not made to report news but to sell ads. Today morning I just opened TOI website and I saw something  an interesting news in other stories section of Times Of India “75% Off at Kailasam Kerala Ayurveda” as a news. I knew that it is an ad! The ad belongs to Times Deal.     Timesdeal is a Times Of India Group Initiative. No doubt that Times of India can put any ad on their website but at-least they can put a text link of this as in other stories section. I felt that I have been cheated. An ad can’t be presented as a news. Why we are being trained to consider an ad as news. We seriously need guidelines to safeguard the interest of reader’s. Since the starting of this century we have seen a serious degradation in quality of news and journalism. A whole lecture can be given on this issue but I think readers should be seriously offensive to the Practice. While Publishing this post another ad appeared in that section “Up to 400o off on Computer” promoting shopping India times shopping. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.



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