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Aamir Khan presents Satyamev Jayate


Aamir Khan new T.V show Satyamev Jayate airtime will remind you of Doordarshan days. Satyamev Jayate is an extremely ambitious project of  Aamir Khan as first time in his career he is associating himself with small screen.  Satyamev Jayate will be aired on Star Plus and its network channel  For  11 A.M slot on Sunday.

The promos of the shows are also out. The show has already generated a lots of news and curiosity before its airing. There is no doubt that  if anything is coming from the basket of Aamir Khan it will be a outstanding product.

On a very personal level I think that the basic different he creates when you watch his work is the experience an audience get. He has a very broad and subtle comprehension of the concept of entertainment. All of his work has been able to entertain the audience as well as after watching his creative work any person will feel very good, proud of himself.

Following points make Aamir Khan work extraordinary:

- Story, Script and subject.

- The treatment of the project during the whole production phase is extraordinary. It is visible in all of his work, perfection.

- I have found that after watching all of his work I have felt very proud of myself being human and respect for another human beings.

Aamir Khan is a very rare combination of Creative genius and someone who knows the importance of marketing and financial success of a project. His ability to balance all the chord has catapulted his status.

Aamir has considered Satyamev Jayate as his most ambitious project till date. The release dates of his upcoming movie Talash has been postponed  because of his commitment to this project. The nature of the content as reported in different media section will be social issue related to the life of a common man. Satyamev Jayate will be aired at a time in eight languages.

This is the show through which he wants to connect with whole India. In the Indian history of T.V there are only two serial Mahabharata and  Ramayana which were aired on Doordarshan in eighties has been able to do an immortal status. These two serials were based on the two most revered characters of India. These two serials were able to connect with everyone in India. Not a single tele serials has been able to achieve or even come closer to the status of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Aamir khan wants to make that connection again with Satyamev Jayate . Every one should watch this show with their family. Satyamev Jayate time slots also matches with these tow iconic serials of India. Satyamev Jayate will be start from 6th May 2012 and We know the show will be a great experience for viewers. The first peek in to the world Satyamev Jayate and Aamir excellence.

Satyamev Jayate Music is Out

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