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Be aware of Fake sites representing Satyamev Jayate


The popularity of Satyamev Jayate has triggered the ideas of conman on internet. There are two sites having almost similar look and feel of orginal website of Satyamev Jayate. These two website are



These two website maintain the status as unofficial websites of Satyamev Jayate or unofficial Fan Forum. We would like to  recommend our reader’s, audience of Satyamev Jayate, Fans of Aamir Khan that they should not share any personal data like their email id or don’t like their Facebook page. The biggest problem with these fake websites is the intention with which they have been created no one knows.

The original website  of sataymev Jayate is http://satyamevjayate.in/ .

Why you should not participate in any conversation in these websites.

1. To participate in conversation you have to submit your email id. As we have already stated that the intention is certainly not clear so it put your email id at risk as data being sold or hacked.

2. Many people are donating money on original website. When these website will add any icon to donate money and there is high probability that an emotional audience will donate money though credit card. That action will put the data of the user in serious threat of being misused. So please stay away from these mushroom formats of website resembling them-self as Satyamev Jayate.

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