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2 big Movie Marketing blunder’s of recent times in India


Marketing of a movie is itself a tricky business and shelf life of a movie is now decided by Social media websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Good movie’s without a marketing budget are getting their share of praise on Social media just through natural reference and trends. Paan Singh Tomar and Vicky Donor are excellent example. Movies are normally released in India on Friday and shelf life is decided in the first two shows. Unique concept has emerged to market the movie especially on Social Media like live marketing of a movie.

Why This Kolaveri D?

Why This Kolaveri D is a song from a Tamil movie 3 directed by Aishwairya R Dhanush. The unofficial version of song was leaked on net and it became a sensation. In an interview Aishwaira said that when the unofficail or leaked version became a hit so we decided to release it officially. “Why This Kolaveri D” was released on 16th November on YouTube and it became a national sensation. The response of “Why This Kolaveri D” song on YouTube was phenomenal.


“Why This Kolaveri D”  produced extraordinary result as a product on YouTube.  Not a single  song from Indian film and entertainment industry  has come close to the statistics of “Why This Kolaveri D”. The result was also phenomenal but one aspect of the result was very bad. “Why This Kolaveri D” became such a big hit that it became a product in itself. Major success of  ”Why This Kolaveri D” was an excellent opportunity for marketing team to en-cash in which they failed miserably.

“Excellent opportunity to market 3 movie in Indian media”

“Why This Kolaveri D” and the team who made the Song was basking in the glory of the success: main part was missing. Main product which is 3 Movie was missing from all the attention which “Why This Kolaveri D” was getting. In all the interview at least all of them which I have seen on YouTube 3 movie was never a part of the conversation.

Big mistake which 3 movie team did was:

1. They never used the platform of “Why this Kolaveri D” to promote 3 movie . Instead the team of 3 movie went on to promote the song.

2. “Why This Kolaveri D” was treated as a single product instead of part of product.

3. The attention which “Why This Kolaveri D” somehow steal the attention from the final product.

It is a classic case of marketing blunder in which A song in movie went on to become far bigger product than the movie itself. The performance of 3 movie on box office was average. I firmly believe that if 3 production team or marketing team  would have created an aura of “Why This Kolaveri D” around 3 movie, the performance of 3 movie would have been far better.  


Ishaqzadde was a movie released last month by YRF productions, one of the biggest production house of India. Arjun Kapoor and Parinieti Chopra were in main lead’s. The official trailer of the movie was released on 15th March. I would like to share views statistics of the trailer in three months on YouTube because it is important.

Views: 701,673. I suppose views are only enough.

Isahqzaade was released on May 11 and received mixed response. On 10th May YRF production did something out of world. They released one minute teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger of Salman Khan. If Ek Tha Tiger would have been under production of a different company then I would have said that it is a bad luck of Ishaqzaade.

Salman Khan is an enigmatic superstar of India which know’s no caste, region,religion, sex and age. Salman Khan is a name which Indian’s love with full heart. I can’t understand the reason behind YRF production’s releasing one minute teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger just one day before the release of Ishaqzaade. Let me tell you what happened.

One minute Teaser Trailer of Salman Khan >>>>>>>>>>>>> Full movie of Ishaqzaade

One minute Teaser Trailer of Salman khan took the spotlight from Ishaqzadde on Internet. From 10th May, there was a race among Salman Khan fan to trend Ek Tha Tiger on Twitter. On YouTube It received more than one million view in Two days. In one month Ek Tha Tiger teaser trailer has received more than four million views.

I don’t know why YRF released the teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger. Ek Tha Tiger response was phenomenal but it capture the mind share of audience on net for three days and got an extraordinary response from Media.

You don’t release a movie with a teaser trailer of Salman Khan. YRF has either underestimated the brand and star power of Salman Khan or it is blunder they did with Ishaqzaade.

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  1. Karan says:

    nice observations…especially regarding a song overshadowing the main product, i.e., the film.
    But please avoid grammatical errors in your writing. Your article is flooded with some egregious errors.

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