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Ek Tha Tiger Theatrical Trailer Released: Salman Khan again flexes his Superstar status

Ek Tha Tiger theatrical trailer has been released. Ek Tha Tiger is again trending on top in India. The movie is going to be released on Eid 15 th August which is independent day of India. The immense power he bring’s in each of his project sometimes baffles me. It is incomparable and I have not seen same craze for any actor in India or for any actor in Hollywood even. His fan following is amazing and he has been able to break every barrier in Indian’s. It is simple People like him and yes I also like him. Still I have always tried to be extremely unbiased when I am writing about him.

Pattern’s I have observed when Salman Khan trailer or movie’s is going to be released on Twitter.

1. Masses just connect with Salman Khan.

2. His fan base is strong and dedicated. They just want him or his movie to trend on top in India. They keep track of him and his movies release dates.

3. The most interesting point about Salman Khan is not his movies but him. It is about him. It is like he has mesmerized whole India. People just want to see him on-screen and they get entertain. No one in Indian film industry come close to stature of Salman Khan Stardom status.

Watch The theatrical trailer of Ek Tha Tiger:


[youtube width="500" height="300"]SmUl0l8qBXw[/youtube]



Some of the interesting Tweets: 

YouTube has also promoted Ek Tha Tiger theatrical trailer through their account. The most important part is his movie’s trailer get such response from Indian’s on Internet and we can certainly say that no other star get’s such response or get close to. His real fan following is not on internet but normal people of India of all religion, sex, age and region. He has the largest fan following in kids section. In India we can consider many things Universal and he is one of them.

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