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We lost Nora Ephron: An angel spreading Love, Humor and Romantic Comedy




Nora Ephron, worldwide  acclaimed writer and director of romantic comedy  like When Harry Met Sally, Silkwood and Sleepless in Seattle died yesterday at the age of 71. She was suffering from acute myeloid leukemia.  Nora Ephron death has sparked condolences on Twitter and she is trending worldwide on Twitter. She was like an angel who was spreading Love, Humor and romantic Comedy.

Nora Ephron apend her life spreading happines and it is clear from the Tweets we are seeing.

I have observed that internet has somehow made us insensitive towards information. Normally when a celebrity die RIP (Rest In Peace) the most insensitive abbreviation will do the rounds on Twitter, comments and everywhere. People are sensible enough to show their love towards this timeless merchant of Love, Romance and Comedy.

The best part of the condolences is her death is also spreading messages of love, courage, romance and humor through out love. She certainly lived a life and death of celebration. She will remembered in the world through her quotation’s, novel’s and lovely romantic comedy she made.

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