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Rajesh Khanna in Havells Fans ad catapults him on Twitter trends



Rajesh Khanna, first superstar of Indian cinema is back in news. He has appeared in ad of Havells fans directed by R. Balki also director of movie Paa. Rajesh Khanna is debuting first time in an ad. Rajesh Khanna who is not well in recent times surprisingly agreed to do an ad film. The video of Havells fans ad having Rajesh Khanna was uploaded on YouTube account of Akshay Kumar who is married to the daughter of Rajesh Khanna, Twinkle Khanna.

One of the most surprising aspect of the ad is the theme and tagline of the ad. In the ad Rajesh Khanna is describing Fans in the background of his stardom time and at last he is saying that No one can take his fans from him.

There is a video of the making of the ad also on YouTube and Rajesh Khanna look frail. The Rajesh Khanna which is shown in the ad is not even the shadow of the Rajesh Khanna we have scene on the screen. Still he has given amazing performances  in movies like Anand , Amar Prem and many others. It is somewhere pretty sad to see a man who was extremely handsome and seen a success which very few people in the world would have seen in such a frail state.


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No doubt that his appearance in the ad has been able to generate the news and curiosity for Havells ad. The one aspect which remain unquestioned is why Rajesh Khanna is shown in a ad of Havells Fans saying “Babu Mushaire Mere Fans mujhse koi nahin cheen Sakta”.

The latest appearance of Rajesh Khanna in the ad has also catapulted him to trend on Twitter. We checked the views of Twitter user about the ad. Twitter user have reacted to this Havells Fans ad having Rajesh Khanna:

1. Twitter users have also been able to find clearly that health of Rajesh Khanna is not good and 70-year-old superstar of his time is just a shadow.

2. Twitter users have shown concerns over his health issue and wished him to be better.







One of the basic question which arises by going through so many Tweets is the treatment of ad. People have certainly didn’t liked light in which Rjesh Khanna was shown. He could have shown in a far better way.

One Twitter user has articulated it in an intelligent way.

Certainly the ad has created much curiosity and news for Havells in category of product which is almost a commodity. Rajesh Khanna should have shown in a far better way and instead of using his context to promote Havells Fans R Balki  could have done far better than this.

You can also Decide by viewing the Rajesh Lhanna in Havells ads


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[youtube width="500" height="300"]Dnb4ikdW8j8[/youtube]



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  1. Jamal Ashraf says:

    After seeing my all time super star Rajesh Khanna in Havells Ad, I wept listening to some of his old hits with combination of Kishore kumar and a special song of mine in the movie Aanand  
    Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye
    Sanjh Ki Dulhan Badan Churaye
    Chupke Se Aaye
    Mere Khayaalon KeThis songs rolls my mind back to the past and pick those sweet memories of my school days. Rajesh Khanna will always be in my heart. He is the best – Jamal Ashraf from KILAKARAI, TAMIL NADU.

  2. Gulshan Chunara says:


    A true fan is someone who accepts his/her hero as he was and as he is!!!

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