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Rajesh Khanna will always matter!

We have lost the preacher who told us to always smile and live happily. He told us that life is puzzle which no one know’s still we should live life with full energy. It has been more than three and half decade when Rajesh Khanna lost his superstar status to Amitabh  bachchan but his movies and song has given him an immortal status. The status he has achieved is far more superior than any other actor of his era. He has not faced screen since many years still last month when he did an ad for Havel fans and it made news in all the section of media and almost  for two days he was trending on Twitter because he looked unhealthy and weak in the ad. We observed that on Twitter people were extremely respectful and wished him to be healthy again.

Even today news appeared that Rajesh Khanna is unwell and not taking food. He started trending on Twitter in all the five metropolitan area of India except Chennai capital of Tamilnadu. One question which forced me to think and write Why he still matter’s?

He has acted in over 150 movies and many of them were a block buster of their time. On a personal level I think that he has done some movies in his life which has made him an immortal character. The most important one is Anand directed by Rishikesh Mukherjee and second one is Amar Prem. Especially the character he has played in Anand has made him an immortal messenger to live life happily even in the face of death. Anand is the name of Character which is Played by Rajesh Khanna in Anand. Hrishikesh Mukherjee writer and director of Anand can be compared to German writer Herman Hesse author of Siddhartha.  It is very rare that a movie will touch the basic spiritual question’s of life and death in such a spirited manner.  Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh bachchan played character which were different side of coin’s asking same question’s about Life and Death.

The core of Amitabh bachchan character despises life because of death on the other hand character of Rajesh Khanna lives his life at most with the irony of the knowledge that he will die in few months. The meaning of Anand is bliss. Anand is the epitome of the drama of philosophical debate “What is the importance of living a life which is going to end because of death”. The contrast between the Character of Amitabh  bachchan and Rajesh khanna is extreme still Amitabh bachchan love’s Rajesh Khanna.

In Anand Rajesh Khanna has immortalize the importance of life and has accepted death will both hand. Anand provides no answer’s but it is a saga which accepts life and death with the tranquility of Anand. Rajesh Khanna still matter’s and will always matter to many coming generations because of extraordinary message he has given to every one.  Listen this amazing song from Anand “Jindagi Kaisi hai paheli hai”


[youtube width="500" height="300"]29P6tmF7ddQ[/youtube]


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  1. Head Botany says:

    Your article shows that after box office success of Amitabh’s films during mid 70s , i.e. 1977 onwards, Rajesh Khanna’s career was finished.  And moreover it also seems that the Superstar tag is just an official post which was transferred to Amitabh from Rajesh Khanna as Rajesh Khanna had superannuated from the post.  Ridiculous!
    The history says that 1977 onwards Amitabh via Multistar films got stardom, but not superstardom in comparison to Rajesh Khanna, who also gave so many solo hits even in entire 80s .  Since Rajesh Khanna means Pure Solo Films and Amitabh means Pure Multistar films, how do you give equal status both of them at equal level. One is Original Superstar and other is just a star of so many stars in multistar films.  It is unfair to give credit only to Amitabh wherein Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha, Rishi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Sannjiv Kumar etc. were equally shared screen spaces in those multistar films of mid 70s to mid 80s.  One point after mid 80s Amitabh himself dimmed and quit India in 90s.  in 2000s he survived for bread and butter via small screen and Department, Buddha, Banti Babli type cheap taste films, but you biased media people still call him superstar as stature of SRK, Salman, Amir is zero.  Why this type of injustice in evaluation of career of those stars/Original Superstar.

    • abhinav kumar says:

      If you will read article very carefully, i have not tried to compare the career of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bacchhan with the movies they have done. My article is not focused on the stardom of Rajesh and Amitabh. I am especially not making any comment on the career of these two person whom I like too much. My focus point is Anand and the character Rajesh Khanna has played in the movie. This article is not about describing career of Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna. It is just like an author is remembered in the world because of a book, Achilles is remembered because of his heel’s and the list continues. The article is no where inclined towards defining the career of the people who have transformed an industry . 

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