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I&B ministry changed the telecast time of The Dirty Picture: wants us to be three monkey’s


I&B ministry send directives to Sony Television to stop the airing of much talked movie of 2011 “The Dirty Picture” at 12:00 PM noon and 08:00 PM evening on last Sunday. The directives triggered a conversation on many social media platforms and very high percentage of people are speaking against it. The Dirty Picture should be aired only after 11 PM in night and reason behind this sudden directives is national award-winning movie is not suitable for children’s.  ”The Dirty Picture” went for 56 cuts in February to make it suitable for airing on National Channel still at the last moment they Sony television receives a serious jolt from I&B ministry.

This decision on the directive was taken when Nagpur Bench of Bombay high court asked Information and Broadcasting ministry to take a call on the telecast of  ”The Dirty Picture”  on Friday because of a PIL filed by Pravin Dahat as reported by Times of India. What is the big problem if Information and Broadcasting ministry has advised to change the timings of Telecast of  ”The Dirty Picture” after 11 PM? 

The problem is not the decision taken by I&B ministry but the context and timings of the decision. One of the basic question is why it was not a conscious decision by I&B ministry? Sony Television promoted the telecast of the show for almost a month through advertisement and outdoor ads. The latest decision by I&B ministry must have costed a huge loss to Sony. If it would have been a conscious decision that the movie “The Dirty Picture” can be aired after 11 pm only then Sony must have planned and schedule the telecast in a proper way to earn the profits and maximum viewers. Considering the point of I&B ministry valid that ” The Dirty Picture” is not valid for child viewership at-least then why Sony Television was allowed to telecast the movie in noon and evening time on first place only?

We can also not neglect the view of judges who has not directed but asked the I&B ministry to take a call on the telecast of ” The Dirty Picture” and put the ball to take decision on I&B ministry with their notions. This is the place where I&B ministry is in soup that why they didn’t take the decision them-self on first-place. 

On Twitter people are talking about double standards which we think is completely valid. In our view The Dirty Picture is a seminal piece of work and it has been accepted by the government of India also by awarding the movie with two national awards. It may be people have different view on the the telecast of  the movie in noon and evening time which can be considered appropriate in the context of child viewership. 

Our reaction:

1: While taking an unbiased view on the issue we think that I&B ministry should have never allowed the telecast of “The dirty Picture” during noon or evening time in the context of children viewership. Telecast of the dirty picture should have been handled in a far better way and this incident must have sent a strong signal to the digital channels.  

2: The directives of I&B ministry has sparked a conversation of double standards and somewhere the allegation seemed right also. There are many shows especially in the genre of reality and standup comedies which needs a serious stringent action from I&B ministry.

3: The recent induction of a Porn Star in a reality show and one of the grave effect was Porn word as a concept and a word debuted in the society and media. 

4: There are many examples on which I&B ministry has no views or doesn’t care to have a view and the recent incident in which the telecast of a seminal movie is handled is certainly an extreme breach on the rights of an audience who would have wanted to see the movie.

6: In last few month there is a growing intervention from Government on media and social media which is practically not good for the evolution of the democracy. So I&B ministry should play a conscious role in the healthy and mature evolution of media and audience instead converting the audience in to the three monkeys.

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