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Julian Assange lost extradition appeal in UK supreme court

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Julian Assange has lost the extradition appeal in UK supreme court and sun is setting on an iconic leader who is a proponent of free media and transparency. Julian Assange founder of wikileaks.org will be extradited to Sweden in ten days.

Julian Assange extradition has been requested by Swedish authority to face investigation into an alleged offence of sexual molestation and rape. Julian Assange  challenged the validity of the EAW on the ground (amongst others) that it had been issued by a public prosecutor who was not a ‘judicial authority’ as required by article 6 of the Framework Decision and by sections 2(2) and 66 of the 2003 Act.

Supreme court has dismiss the appeal of Julian Assange by a majority of 5 to 2 andholds that an EAW issued by a public prosecutor is a valid Part 1 warrant issued by a judicial authority within the meaning of section 2(2) and 66 of the 2003 Act. Julian Assange is expected to extradited to Sweden in another ten days.

Julian Assange a charismatic genius leader who has an extraordinary knack for breaking computer codes founded wikileaks.org as a website which will release whistle blower documents and kept the source of documents secret. wikileaks.org was recognized as  a game changer when they published a video name Collateral Damage in which US forces have been shown killing Iraqi civilians. The documents leaked by Julian Assange is also considered to be the major factor behind Arab Spring.

Bradley Manning is considered as the source of the extravagant classified document leaks ever happened in US history. US is also trying to find out that Julian Assange was a passive receiver of the documents or he inspired Bradley Manning. World should not be surprised if Julian Assange will be extradited to US.

US government has already squeezed financial capabilities of wikileaks.org as all the big financial institution in the world has stopped providing their services to wikileaks.org . Donation is the only way wikileaks.org can survive.

The judgement of the Supreme Court of UK on Julian Assange case is available on their website.

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