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Rajesh Khanna Passes: Preacher of Living a Life full of Smile and Happiness


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Rajesh Khanna passes away at the age of 69 leaving a void which will be never fulfilled. Rajesh Khanna first superstar of Indian Cinema took his last breath today at his residence in Bandra in presence of his family. Since the report appear in Media he is trending on Twitter and certainly will continue to trend on Twitter for a whole day.


I don’t think that any one other than Rajesh Khanna has got the opportunity to epitomize the romance and life in Indian Cinema. No one can touch him. His loss has created a void which will never be fulfilled.

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Twitter is flooded with Tweets offering respect to Rajesh Khanna

In Anand it was Rajesh Khanna who used to call Amitabh Bachhan as Babu Moshai. On Twitter Babu Moshai, Amar Prem, Kati Patang and Pushpa is trending.

Rajesh Khanna will always be remembered for his romance, songs and characters.

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