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Steve Jobs: Hollywood wants a pie of him


The cult and enigmatic status which Steve Jobs has achieved  in the world we live is something which is incomparable. Steve Jobs is a name, character and brand which has a following as icon, legend in every part of the world Asia, Europe or Steve’s own homeland US. His second inning at Apple has immortalize him as creator of i-Pod, I-Phone, i-Pad ,i-Tunes and list goes on. His fierce force has transformed many industries in last decades and many iconic companies who were not able to compete with the standards Steve’s set through Apple suffered in a way which industry has never seen i.e RIM and Nokia. He changed the perception of quality, design and experience through out world.

Steve as a brand doesn’t marketing through out world. His name is enough to create the curiosity which is required to capture the imagination of the world. A brand so big and Hollywood need’s a their share from the Brand Steve Jobs.

In a matter of few months two project have been dedicated to Steve jobs.


Aaron Sorkin

The latest announcement is going to be a big budget film by Sony Entertainment Films. Sony has announced that Aaron Sorkin will write the story of the bio-epic which will be based on the Biography written by Walter Issacson. Aaron Sorkin has also penned The Social Network, A Few Good Man and Moneyball. Sorkin also won the adopted screen play award for The Social Network.

The Hollywood reporter has quoted that Sony paid $1 million rights last october to bought the rights of the biography of Steve Jobs last October.

This is the second movie which will be based on Steve Jobs. There is another movie based on Steve Jobs where Ashton Kutcher is staring as a Steve Jobs. Who will portray the role of Steve Jobs in the movie made by Sony Entertainment only time will tell but it will be exciting for audience and the character also.

Steve Jobs a character which has inspired the imagination of layman, Geeks, Marketers has such a mindhsare in throughout world the announcement of the news by Sony Pictures Entertainment that they have finalized Aaron Sorkin to write Steve Jobs biopic is trending on Twitter since last many hours.  It has also raised the expectation from Aaron Sorkin.

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