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Talentube another start-up to promote artist


Talentube is synonymous with his name. Talentube basic aim is to discover talent’s and then either launch them or provide opportunity for them in Indian film or entertainment industry.

Talentube is started by Vinod G. Nair, Ravi Nagpurkar and Rakesh Sreekumar. The team has manged to raise $12 million and has a commitment of funding for two years.[highlighter color="gray" ] Talentube is focused on building India largest community of talent which will provide them thousand of opportunities to launch.[/highlighter]

Talentube.com is a portal where any one who will submit their profile has slightly better chance to land at good place. Success of web portal like talentube.com and talenthouse.com will depend on two factors.

1. How much network they can develop in the film and entertainment industry.

2. What are the innovative services they can provide which can really help the production houses to recruit genuinely talented people.

3. Bigger the community higher the probability to generate sharply talented person.

4. The community should be nurtured.

It will be extremely tough for Talentube to launch many artist under talentube banner because on i don’t think that it will be a feasible business option. Many publishing houses have called talentube.com a placement agency or e-placement agency to promote artist. It is a niche business model and if nurtured properly it can create a strategic value for itself and Indian film

and entertainment  industry.

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