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The Hindu takes on Times Of India with an investigative piece of journalism

India is on the verge of war between two top publishing houses of India. The Hindu king of South India and Times of India a media power house in India. It all started last year when Times of India was launched in Chennai and Times Of India launched an ad campaign against The Hindu describing the news paper as boring. South India is the stronghold of The Hindu.

The Hindu also replied with an ad campaign but at that time also I was thinking that may be Times of India has awakened the sleeping Giant of publishing media from south. Times of India went on to a head on with The Hindu on their home turf which will force any one to rethink their strategy.



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In lest than four month The Hindu has again hit Times Of India. This time very hard with an exquisite piece of investigative journalism. Today The Hindu published a story Reaping Gold through Cotton, and  newsprint. The story is about a page with heading Reaping Gold with BT cotton in Times of India appeared twice in three years. First as a news and second time as an Advertisement. The story which is published by The Hindu disclose far more than what is written in the article.

- The article has raised very serious question on journalistic ethics of Times Of India. The accusation made by The Hindu are very serious like a line “Somebody did reap gold, though, with newsprint if not with Bt Cotton”. Another line “The 2008 full-page panegyric in the TOI on Monsanto’s Bt Cotton rose from the dead soon after the government failed to introduce the Biotech Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill in Parliament in August 2011″ is again an allegation very serious in nature.

- The article which is Published in The Hindu has also been able to put light on the murky collaborating between News houses and Corporate. First time this sort of collaboration appeared in public galore in the case of 2G.

- It also ask us to question the news we read daily in different newspapers. The news you are reading is really a news or it is a piece of journalism which is written to create a lobby to pass a bill in Parliament. This kind of lobbying is prevalent through out world. It left us with the basic question that at last it is all about profit.

- No doubt that The Hindu has done an exquisite piece of investigative journalism in Times Of India who is a competitor of The Hindu. The Hindu is considered as a conservative newspaper with a very high regards for journalism. They must have done all the calculation before publishing this story. The latest story published in The Hindu is a pressure strategy created by The Hindu to tackle times of India or it is published with the intention of telling truth to the reader. May be we will never be able to know because the latest story published in The Hindu has done both. It has told truth to the reader and must have created immense pressure in the boardroom of Times of India.

Twitter users in India went on criticizing Times of India heavily.







Full credit to The Hindu and P Sainath for publishing and writing an exquisite piece of investigative journalism.

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