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The horrific face of Media and Political Parties of India

The Assamese girl molestation case is a horrific face of the society of India. Incident happen Media reports for some days and then media move to some other story. As the story has lost the interest of media, Political Parties have no Political mileage in the story to show in media they also move on. India society is so big that the deep scar of the incidents will be lost in all the incident this landscape has faced since thousands of years.

The Role Of Media:

The role of media has come under scrutiny after Akhil Gogoi an RTI activist and Team Anna member has claimed that the whole incident was stage by a local news channel to achieve some Political motives. The local news agency which uploaded the video clearly violated the privacy of the girl. If a news channel is manipulating events to create stories is really a shame for Indian media. The blame is still not proved but the journalist who recorded the event and the editor in chief of the channel has  resigned from the post. If it comes out to be true then it is a big shame for all media fraternity in India.

“There is too much talk on all National News Channel”

The role which is played by national media is also extremely bad. The incident happened on 9th July evening and came in to the radar of national media when the video uploaded by local news agency went viral. It shows that the network to gather news of all the news channel is so weak. It is a shame that all the top notch editor is holed up in their studio and doing talk show. It took YouTube to bring it on the radar of the national channel.   All these news channel claim to be a national news channel but an outrageous incidents which happened in Assam is a perfect example of the standard of journalism which is happening. No one is ready to do the investigative journalism instead sitting in Mumbai and National Capital Region produce enough material to cover 24 hours news channel but to cover whole India need high level of investment which no one wants to do. If your source of news is YouTube and Twitter the all these so called big News houses in Print and Digital should stop calling themselves a national news channel.

The Role of Political Parties

In last ten years there is constant degradation in the consciousness of Political Parties of India. I am including each and every Political Parties. The recent incident which happened in Assam highlight the approach of Political Parties and will allow any one  to have a peek inside the over all consciousness of Indian Political scenario.

Political Parties wants their share of showmanship from the suffering of a victims. Recently when Alka Lamba was send as one of the member of the fact finding team of NCW ( National Women Commission). Alka Lamba dressing sense in Guwahati  forced me to think of Shiv Raj Patil after Mumbai attacks. She was literally not there to do any fact finding instead it appears as she wanted to be just associated with this issue which backfired. The fact finding team of NCW rushed for a press conference (Press conference is not allowed till the report by team is not submitted) and Alka Lamba revealed the name of the victim. If a member of the fact finding team is not experienced enough to follow one of the basic principle of media briefings ? It certainly raises the question about her experience to be a member of fact finding team.

Why NCW fact finding team rushed towards conducting a press conference which is not even their schedule? Why it is necessary for a political party or a person to have Political mileage from such a shameful incidents. Inclusion of Alka Lamba in fact finding team clearly indicates that ther is something seriously wrong with NCW. Alka Lamba never apologized for his mistake and her response was “Victim name was already in Public domain”.

The same mistake was done by Assam CM PR cell when they e-mailed the picture of the girl to all media house when she came to meet CM.

Alka Lamba clearly reflects the arrogance of Political brass especially the ruling party which is constant denial of any wrongdoing. Victim name was in public domain or not, it doesn’t give right to any one to reveal the name of the victim. Anyone who has watched the video will say that the through out the incident Girl was trying to hide her identity. Why there is so much insensitivity? Why Political brass and media is acting with so much arrogance.

For Media these horrific incidents is nothing more than a story with lots of emotion’s and Political Parties want to have a Political mileage from these incidents instead of literally taking concrete actions which could bring the number of these incidents down. No one is interested in taking a concrete action. Neither media nor Political Parties.

When Media forgets , Political Party forgets and Society moves on.

There are thousands of examples if investigated will certainly proves my point.

The Case of Sonali Mukherjee:

Sonali Mukherjee a NCC candidate became a victim of acid attack at the age of seventeen. Before acid attack she was sexually harassed by three of her neighbors for two and half years. It has been nine years and she has not received justice. Accused are on bail and She is fighting for her life and justice. Recently her case was again highlighted when she publicly asked for mercy killing or justice and assistance from state.

NCW then came ahead to support her in the fight. There is nothing left for Sonali Mukherjee to fight. She has lost her face, eyes and ears. She has to travel from Dhanbad to Delhi for medication. Her family is living in constant fear because of the constant threat from the accused.

Why so much insensitivity towards the sufferings of Girl? Media needs juice in a story because it is important to sell a news. I can understand the business point of view of media to a certain extent but what about Political Parties and National Women Commission of India. What is the role of a state and central government in providing safety and justice to the citizens of India. Why the law enforcement agency can’t deal with the situation. Why our laws are so weak that justice is delayed.

If you really want to know the suffering of Sonali Mukherjee, then please read the story of a Pakistani Dancer who committed suicide this year in Rome.

Sonali Mukherjee is just one of the story. Out there are countless number of stories without any media coverage and reporting.

We are always left with why? I don’t Know the answer.

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