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Why congress can’t represent Indian Values best? Aakar Patel


Aakar Patel has written an article in livemint.com with heading “why the congress represent Indian Values best”  and Aakar Patel is trending on Twitter. Last time He was trending on Twitter when he wrote an article with heading Why South Indians are better than North Indians? I have found that the approach of Mr Aakar Patel for an article is based on creating a vast bridge inferiority and superiority between two Subjects?

I am writing this article not to point out that who can represent Indian values  best because I don’t think that I have that level of expertise.

In an article of 1187 words Aakar Patel is trying to point out that which Party represents the value of Country having population of 1.2 billion. The starting itself is extremely narrow and clearly shows a very rigid view of author.

His article promotes few extreme point:

1. His article promotes dynasty politics which is absolutely equal to monarchy. “The Congress under the Gandhis, and later the Vadra-Gandhis, will remain our one great national party”: This line in Aakar Patel’s article promotes a completely different nature of Party Politics which is no where aligned with the concept of democracy.

One of the biggest question he forgot to ask is how a National Party like Congress in a democracy is under the control of a single family that is Jawahar Lal Nehru Family or Gandhi Family. There is a rise of tribal politics in India where each state has its own Political Part headed by a family.

He is making some strange statement in the whole article like in the above line He is predicting that the Rahul Gandhi will not be the future leader of Congress but Vadra-Gandhis will be. Whom he choose from Vadra-Gandhi family to lead India only he can tell.

He has completely undermine the balance and evolution which BJP has brought in Indian Democracy. There are two foremost requirement for flourishing of Democracy.

1. It should be more that two party dominated political system. BJP brought that.

2. If only kings will contest for election then only Kings will be ruler. Every citizen should have the same platform to fight for  an election which is not there.

I strictly think that his article can’t be taken for Humor because it is an article in Which Aakar Patel is promoting Congress as a party which represents the Indian value at best but he himself vote for BSP. He knows that BSP is corrupt but still he votes for BSP.

Some where in his article Aakar Patel allows us to have peek inside his mind. He is seduced by a line said by Mayawati. He has presented the line in his article as “Mayawati mounted the stage and said: “Chamari hoon, kunwari hoon, tumhari hoon” (I’m low-caste, single, yours). What a terrific line. I was seduced immediately”.

The above line is the reason he votes for BSP. In one of his last article he has written that He loves the company of South Indian Brahmins. A man who thinks that South Indians are better than North Indians. A man who loves the company of a Brahmins because their company satisfy his intellectualism and votes for a party based in heart of North India whose leader belongs to Lower Caste.

In his article he use the subjects like religion, history, art in  an extremely ambiguous way without any proper coherence in the articles. At one pint in his article he has written truth:

“Many hate Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi now but historically, the Congress has never been above using a little slaughter to appease Hindus, like in Ahmedabad in 1969 under Hitendrabhai Desai. During the 1992-93 riots, when Surat burned, Gujarat was ruled not by the BJP but by Chimanbhai Patel. When Delhi’s Hindus turned against Sikhs in 1984, Rajiv Gandhi looked away”.

Slaughter word is dominantly used for killing Animals. He has used this word in context of a Political Party which is Congress. The slaughter word is used to appease Hindu. How can any party which has used a little slaughter to appease Majority of population can represent value of Indians at best? We need to think hard.

The biggest threat to democracy through out world is the alignment of Political parties with the Corporate world. It is not only relevant in India but it is primarily transported from US. We have seen in last three years the number of scams which has been unearthed in UPA governement. Aakar Patel can say BSP is corrupt but he has not dared to say the same about the Governement which is heading the country.

Amazing form of Journalism.

It is a reply to what Aakar Patel has written because they will never publish my post. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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