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Agni 5 Successfully launched, Beijing in Range of India


India’s Intercontinental surface to surface ballistic missile Agni 5 capable of delivering nuclear warhead with high precision, was successfully launched on 15th September. DRDO has already achieved this feat last year.

DRDO  said in a press release

A symbol of DRDO’s technological excellence and India’s strength, the missile took off majestically at 0850 hrs from DRDO’s Launch Complex at Wheelar’s Island, off the coast of Odisha, India, flew on a predefined path and reached its destination with expected precision.

A major milestone, this second successful test of Agni 5 has demonstrated the maturity, repeatability and robustness of the system, paving the way for initiation of productionisation and subsequent induction. The launch also clears the way for
its canisterisation. The Agni 5 missile, in its operational form is designed to be stored and launched from the canister, enhancing its storage, operational readiness, transportability, response time and shelf life.

Defense Minister Mr A.K. Antony congratulated all the Scientists of DRDO and said that “DRDO Scientists have made the country proud”. National Security Advisor(NSA) Mr Shiv Shankar Menon congratulated DRDO Scientists and said that the event is a milestone in the long range Missile era of India.


Agni 5 can carry single nuclear warhead pf over 1000 kg and it can strike target with precision deep inside China and Europe. Second successful launch of Agni 5 will boast the capabilities of Indian defense.

On Twitter Agni 5 was a big hit yesterday and almost trended through out day.

Pictures of Agni 5 Launch
Agni 5 Launch
Tell us about your views on the achievement DRDO. Do you think that Agni 5 will help and strengthened India foreign policies and relation towards China?
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