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Anonymous targets Chinese Government Websites

Anonymous targets Chinese government websites and has hacked more than five hundred websites. Many of these website have recovered but many website still need to be UP. The attack has been conducted as it appears in retaliation of the recent crackdown of many websites and personnel by Chinese government.

A lots of information and message has been left on the website.


                                                                         A friend of China

                              Your government has been in control of your network and filters harmful things.

                                                                  CarefulFor security, VPN or Tor .

 > Point I see more information <<

                                                                   A friend in need is a friend indeed 

Hello, everyone! Message to the Chinese government: Over the years, the Chinese communist government to unfair laws and unhealthy process to control the people. Dear Chinese government, you is not never fall, and today the website is black, tomorrow is your evil regime fell. So do not think we will give up, never give up. All you have done to the people today, tomorrow will double back. Not a hint of tolerance. No one can stop us, not your anger, nor your arms. Not deter us, because you can not be intimidated by the thought. Chinese friend’s message: You have been in a do not understand you suffer under the tyranny of the government. We are with you. At this point, here with you. Tomorrow and beyond will be to ensure your freedom. We never give up. Do not give up hope, and revolution created since your heart. The silence of other countries has highlighted the fact that China’s lack of democracy and justice. This is intolerable. We are fully committed to fighting for your freedom.

Two twitter account has been left on the website with message Follow us. @WeWorkForGlobal/@AnonymousChina When we checked these two twitter accounts we got following result.

@ AnonymousChina- account was created on 30 March 2012.

@WeWorkForGlobal-account was created on 4 April 2012.

There is another twitter account @YourAnonNews which has more than half million followers to disseminate the news related to Anonymous.

An interesting aspect of this hacking was to disseminate the security measures a layman should apply so that he can browse safely without being monitored. A documentary movie has also been made on Anonymous. The website of this documentary film is here. Anonymous also has a blog on  tumblr and you can reach this blog by clicking here.

The response of Chinese government will be an interesting point and how they are going to tackle Anonymous.

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