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BlackBerry Enterprise servers has been setup in Mumbai


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RIM the parent company of BlackBerry smartphone has finally bowed under the immense pressure of the Indian Government bysetting BBM servers in Mumbai to provide a lawful mechanism for the inception of BB messenger services. Indian Government last year gave a formal warning to BlackBerry to provide access to the BlackBerry servers or shutdown their services in India. Last year BlackBerry was hit by a series of problem like server failures and surveillance of their servers from Security agencies.

Security has always been an USP of BlackBerry and RIM the parent company of BlackBerry was not ready to give up. Their was no reason that BlackBerry should not give access to the servers to Indian Security agencies when they are operating in India. The news which circulated in the Indian Online space was not a strategic development. BlackBerry quietly agreed very early to provide the access and they arranged all the mechanism to do that so. The news appeared when they have already set up their servers in Mumbai. BlackBerry could have particularly agreed for the surveillance  because of the following reason.

- Five thousand enterprise are using BB enterprise services.

- RIM could not afford to lose operation in India because of their ailing market capitalization.

- India is a major market for RIM.

- Indian Government concern is extremely reasonable because of India as a major target of terror.

- It doesn’t make a business sense.

At last Indian customers of BlackBerry should be in relief that hurdle between RIM and Indian authorities has been solved.  Nokia has been asked to follow the same.

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