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Michael Clarke Duncan of The Green Mile Fame NO MORE

Michael Clarke Duncan the actor who has been nominated for an Academy award for a path breaking role in Movie The Green Mile is no more. Duncan died yesterday because of heart complications at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Duncan suffered heart attack on July 13 and he was undergoing treatment for his illness. His career also include  successful movies like Armageddon, The whole nine yards and Daredevil. On Jul

Ducan grew up in Chicago and his first job was digging ditches for People Gas Company . His bulky frame of 6 Foot 4 inch helped him to land jobs as bouncer and body guard. He has been bodyguard for celebrities like Jamie Fox, Will smith, Notorious BIG and Martin Lawrence.

His first major breakthrough role in Hollywood was when he got the role of bear in Armageddon. While suiting he developed a friendship with Bruce Willis who helped him to land the role of John Coffey in The Green Mile. A role for which he will always be remembered.

A man of great smile which will transform his hulk figure in to sweet character. He played characters role but a big fan following through out world. On Twitter People paid their obituaries to him. One of his very good friend and fellow actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson tweeted

He was a man indeed of Golden heart and smile. He will always be remember for his miraculous role in The Green mile.

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