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Sandy has routed all other news agenda also

Storm Sandy has not only routed eastern coast of US but all news agendas on internet also. Sandy a late season tropical cyclone has impacted United States from New York to West Virginia. NYSE Euronext has closed US markets on 29th Oct due to safety concerns raised in context of Hurricane Sandy and a pending confirmation for 30th October. As per reports appearing from all major publishing houses 11 people have already lost there live. The storm has already caused power outage in Manhattan.

The power of Sandy is clearly visible on internet and social media sites. Top publishing houses of US are covering it Storm Sandy through live blogging.

CNN has termed Sandy wreaks havoc in US


Huffington Post has used the upcoming bond movie title SKYFALL to describe  the impact of Sandy Storm.

rt.com the Russian media powerhouse has name name Sandy as Frankestorm


The New York Times 

Mashable world famous blog on Social Media is churning every new related to Sandy Storm from social media.


Twitter has launched a special page on the hash-tag Sandy to provide important information and updates about Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy has forced Google to suspend the launch event of Nexus but Google is also helping to fight and tackle the menace of Sandy.

Google has launched a crisis response map feature preparedness information for hurricane Sandy. Google has also launched public alerts on Google search and Maps.

On Twitter, Google+, Google trends, Instagram news, pictures and trends related to Storm sandy is doing the rounds. On Instagram according to Bits the technology blog of The New York Times 10 photographs/sec of Sandy Storm has been uploaded.


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