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Saudi Arabia passes landmark domestic abuse law

King Khalid Foundation

In a move which could be described as first move towards the emancipation of women in Arab world Saudi Arabia has passed a landmark legislation “criminalizing domestic violence”.

Few months back King Khalid Foundation launched a marketing campaign “No More Abuse” an anti-domestic abuse campaign in Saudi Arabia which aims to create awareness and to fight this phenomena against women. The campaign was a joint effort of King Khalid Foundation (KKF) and Memac Ogilvy – Riyadh. The ad was been released in Alwatan and Alriyadi newspapers as well as in KKF social media channels twitter and Facebook.

Whole Arab world is criticized through out world for the lack of basic rights and unequal status of women in the society. Domestic violence against women a normal practice in society has always marred the image of Arab world when it comes to human rights issues.

King Khalid Foundation congratulated Saudi citizens after passing the landmark law on their Facebook and Twitter page.

KK Foundation posted on the Facebook page

Faisal Bin Khaled praises Cabinet’s approval system for protection from abuse

Riyadh: 29/08/2013
Price: his Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khaled bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Asir region Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the King Khalid Foundation approved by the Council of Ministers at its last Monday on protection from abuse and is a project of the Foundation’s study and endorsed the content of the Ministry of Social Affairs before submission to the high place.

And his Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khaled deep gratitude to the custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on draft guidance “protection from abuse” this directive stems from his usual to provide a decent life for citizens, as well as his thanks and appreciation to all stop behind the project from the Ministry of Social Affairs, which supported the idea of the project and its content and, in addition to the Panel of the Cabinet and committees formed for the study of relevant sectors and the Shura Council.

He added: King Khalid Foundation for this project comes from its role in important social issues and solutions, and close cooperation with a number of interested parties to support these issues, stressing the desire to support and fund studies to contribute to stimulating positive change to policies related to social issues.

The “protection from abuse” is a project of the King Khalid Foundation, and raising it to the high place which is to refer a project to a panel of experts, which in turn formed the Committee comprising various relevant sectors, and held several meetings to consider the draft in the light of feedback from the GCC Ministers approved it, and since then, the Foundation has been active in implementing a number of programmes aimed at raising public awareness of all categories of domestic violence and abuse in General, and its social, economic and behavioural bad The individual and society, the last campaign and what secret was “seeking to scale on the phenomenon of violence against women and providing legal protection for victims in Saudi Arabia, met with a positive reaction to the Saudi society.

On Twitter KK Foundation tweeted


What is the implication of this law will be subject  of study in future. The most important aspect is domestic violence against women has been  accepted as illegal act and a law has been passed to tackle it. Hope this law will open gates for the passage of laws which allows more basic rights to men and women in Arab world.

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