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Storm in Washington DC knocked out Power and Online Business


Storm in Washington DC has knocked power in the are and has left 1.5 million and business without power. Washington post has reported that

More than 1.5 million homes and businesses across Maryland and Virginia lost power Friday night as one of the most powerful and punishing storms in months swept across the Washington region. 

When we checked what is trending on Twitter in Washington #DC Storm , No AC , My Instagram, Pepco is trending. Power outage has also abruptly halted business. It has been reported that website’s like Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix were out of service because they have been using Amazon Elastic compute cloud service in North Virginia.

We checked and Instagram is not working. Pinterest and Netflix website are available and working normally. Instagram is the most popular photo app in world and it is not available. It is also trending on Twitter. Instagram also tweeted about the technical difficulties they are facing.

The most RT tweets for all the hashtag which is trending because of Storm in DC.

You can view the pictures posted by people on hashtag #DC Storm here. Nature has always been a winner.

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