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Amazing Debate process in Indian Media?

Indian media has evolved in to a amazing debate platform. The so called prime time which is invented by Western media every news channel is airing a debate. There is host and four panel members who will debate on a particular issue. Out of four panel member’s two will represent Government and Opposition and other two will be imminent expert from some area of profession.

This debate has also become the focal point of Hindi or English Media. In the debate the Government and panel member’s will just accuse each other or will beat around the bush. No one will talk to the point.

2G case Result: Supreme court has cancelled 183 Licenses which has been issued by A Raja as Telecommunication minister.

Platform: 2G case can be considered as an epic case in the history of India because Media followed it with huge interest and discussion. I also followed it very closely on almost all the channels. There were some real important issue which was raised by 2g case.

1. Central Government defended their action. In my memory I have not heard a single time from any one that yes something wrong has happened.

“It is very sad to say that Central Government of India is in denial mode of every fact which is presented to them. Simple denial”. ( This amazing mode of denial is present in every issue)

2. Opposition were never strong enough in their attack even in Media and Parliament because one of their CM in south is embroiled in Corruption.

“Opposition is not strong enough to oppose Government because of their weakness”.

3. The role which corporate houses are playing in formulating policies with the help of media was highlighted in 2G case with Radia tapes. Amazingly media exonerated them-self. ( Advertisement are the source of income for any media and now a days corporate houses are investing a lot in media houses).

4. What is the role media is playing in Indian democracy? The role which media is playing in India has been severely criticized by  audience and journalist of previous generation. Paid media is word which directly question the integrity of a media house and editor but it appears as they have become okay with the whole perception.

5. Media is obsessed with breaking news and it has certainly affected the shelf life of many news which is very important. There are news which is needed to be followed for month’s till it achieve it’s result but the trend of following breaking news has costed Indian’s a lot. It is not only in India but through out world. I found it literally funny when a news anchor starts debating with their correspondent on a breaking news also.

There are no verdicts or finding for this article. I just want my audience to watch every news and the people with cautiousness. It is very important because what information’s a viewer will receive will impact his behavior and decision. NEWS on TV should be handled by people specifically.

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