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Assam Girl Molestation: Shame for all Indian men. I am ashamed

A video which depicts the incident of the molestation of a minor girl went viral on Internet . When I saw that video on a personal level I felt shame as a man. It is disturbing incidents and watching that video disturbs you. The nature of video is really disturbing because of the following reason. We are not posting the video because we don’t think that it is view-able. I will also request Indian media to have some sense and they have no reason of showing the Girl on Media.

-People are laughing while molesting that girl. It shows that the consciousness of all the men who are involved.

-The number of people who are involved are very high. Dipya Vardaloi reporter who has taped this video has said that almost 50 people were

manhandling the girl.

-The video of whole incident was being made by someone and the Girl was forced to show her Face. Then video was uploaded on YouTube.

- For 30 minutes the incident went on.

-The incident happened  in the heart of Guwahati. Police station was at a distance of 1 Km.

- The incident happened on Monday and there were no arrest till Wednesday. When video went viral on internet and Indian media took the issue four of the men are arrested.

-No one came to rescue the girl.

Many people will point out that what this girl was doing in bar or outside of home in night. As it is told by different media houses the girl was at a bar for a birthday celebration. “So first of all to all those idiots who are asking this question about the girl that what she was doing outside of her home in the night is none of your business and you have no right to ask this question. Change your attitude and give some growing up men in your family some lessons to respect women”.

Indian men and society seriously need a level of introspection on the level of consciousness and their views about Women. We may worship Mother Durga, Parvati, Saraswati and Lakshmi but do we respect women. I have some serious doubt. The way heinous incidents happening against Indian Women in almost every part of India force us to see our monstrous face in mirror.

There is something seriously wrong in our society. India as a nation seems to be the enemy of female from womb. I don’t know what to say but Indian men and society need some serious change in attitude towards women. The law enforcement agency through out India should take on any case of molestation with extreme seriousness. Indian Government and society needs to set some example that incident which happened in Assam will not be accepted and each and every person will be severely punished in court of law.

Indian on Twitter is also outraged and since morning #JusticeforWomen, Guwahati is trending

To Indian Government, India and Indian Men we need to do take some serious action. At last I am Ashamed.

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  1. Ambedhan says:

    First of all it is not a molestation done by some outside group. It was done by her own friends because of the fight they had between them because they could not pay the bar bill because the birthday girl lost the atm card.
    Yes. you are all westernized very well.  Going to bar, drinking with all like all. Dancing with all like all. Then but when in a fight you expect to ‘respect women royally’ ?

     If you drink 60 ml of alcohol you turn out to be 60 percent animal inside. This is a truth.

    You do all these craps..Then you ask for freedom of women and atrocity of Indian men …bloody bull..sh**t.

    After the molestation the police rescued and you know what the girl felt ?  ‘SHY’ ..

    Hats off to you feminist movements. Gandhiji wanted an Indian woman to walk in the middle of night without fear. But he would not have expected that courageous Indian woman is drunk.

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