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News which has impacted Indian’s on Twitter! Today

The News which has impacted Indians on Twitter Today.

1. Time Magazine: Time Magazine is trending on Twitter today since morning and the reason behind this trend is the cover page of Time magazine Asia edition. The magazine has caused an embarrassment for Congress Government by claiming the Prime Minister of India


Certainly the tag line is coming from the Magazine which is known in the world for setting trends for personality. Each year time man of the year is certainly the most coveted place powerful secretly aspires in their heart. It may be the news has nothing substantial information to provide to Indian readers but the tagline is something which matters and “THE UNDERACHIEVER” has done the job.

First Home minister P.C Chidambaram rubbished the report when opposition attacked. Then on Twitter a 2003 report on Atal Bihari Vajpayee by Time magazine started doing rounds.

Asleep At The Wheel? was the headlines of the report done on A.B Vajpayye. ( In a latest contest which is run by CNN-IBN Atal Bihari Vajpayee is one of the top ten contestant in The Greatest Indian After Mahtma Gandhi).

One of the top editor of India Tweeted

This tweet knowingly or unknowingly undermines the story done by Time magazine. B Raman tweeted

2. Ratan Tata: TATA group chairmen Ratan Tata is honored by Rockerfellar foundation , in an interview Published on Bloomberg Rata Tata has made two important statements.

“China has of course been assisting and arming Pakistan, which is like a red flag to India and that already makes it a second class enemy” 

 ”you know China has never done anything adversarial to India, and India, I think, has been more concerned about China’s economic strength overpowering India, which we really don’t see.”

When asked if he is worried about China, he said: “No, I am not worried. I wish we could find a way to be allies with China.”

These comments are coming from Ratan Tata which may be reflect the mood of Indian Industrialist. Ratan Tata statements have certainly provoke emotion’s on Twitter.

I think his statement made lots of strategic sense.

3. Abu Dhabi to Delhi: An AirIndia plane from Abu Dhabi headed for New Delhi has to made emergency landing at a Pakistani airport because of the false alarm about hydraulic failure. This news also trended on Twitter for a good amount of time.

4. Sanjay Joshi: Former BJP party member has made fresh claim about the death threats he his getting. He has asked for security from Home Minister of India.

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