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Outlook Magazine Cover on Obama is itself an UNDERACHEIVER

I wish OUTLOOK would have done the story on US President OBAMA before TIME magazine Asian edition story on Indian PM Manmohan Singh. TIME magazine story on Indian PM was a dud story. It was just a pictorial rhetoric of US on Indian to create a pressure so that FDI in different sectors should be allowed.

TIME Magazine cover is itself a concept which makes an impact when a story is on TIME cover. The attempt of OUTLOOK to retaliate in style of TIME is like when a Bollywood movie trying to make an action movie better than Matrix. The result is simple you can’t make a better action movie than Matrix because Matrix was never a action movie. It was a philosophical movie.

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The same applied to OUTLOOK story. It is a bad story done without objectives. As I started my take on OUTLOOK magazine story with a wish which has not been fulfilled. OUTLOOK Magazine will not be able to make any difference because it lacks the objective.

TIME magazine is an American weekly Magazine with worldwide editions. It started in 1923 and in another 11 years it will be 100 year old. If we will compare OUTLOOK with TIME on a simple factor which is social media.

What is the reach of TIME magazine on Facebook?

Like- 549k ( which is distributed through out world)

Talking-11041 talking


Followers= More than 3.6 million

What is the reach of OUTLOOK magazine on Facebook?

Like- 4071 ( which is distributed through out world)

Talking-427 talking


Followers= 16,245

First of all there is no match of reach between TIME and OUTLOOK is enormous in terms of number and geographically also. I would like to put it in this way NO MATCH. I can’t fathom that how Editor-In-Chief Vinod Mehta can allow it. . Why OUTLOOK has take the moral responsibility  to answer US propaganda ( which is true but still it is a propaganda because the story serves US purpose)? I didn’t find TIME magazine interesting enough to find out their story but I will certainly read the upcoming edition OUTLOOK Obama The underachiever edition.

I am ending it with a wish that OUTLOOK would have done it a Gangs of Wasseypur desi style. Even then it could have jolted the US ambassador in India.

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