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The intellectual activism: Height of Hypocrite in Indian Media

There are many activist in India who have devoted their life for the cause of Society. Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, Teesta Setalvad, Arvind Kejrival ,Subramanian Swamy and countless others who have done extraordinary work by doing ground level activism and also producing extraordinary result for the society.

Aamir Khan is working on a show Satyamev Jayate, which has been scrutinized and criticized by many as showbiz activism and the inability of the show in producing some groundbreaking result.All the media persons who have criticized him can check the result he has produced. The biggest result he has produced is he has marketed the evil of the societies and created awareness of these issues in society.There are many intellectuals who have issue with that also. The best part of his show is it is working for the entire Pyramid of the Indian Population.

There is another form of activism which is “Intellectual Activism” and it is particularly visible in English media and Indian English language literature. There is a unique Utopian view that these people have created for them-self and society around them. If you will ask them about Pakistan then they will give you a big lecture on peace, history ( Particularly their point of view of history) and how much it is necessary for India to have peace with Pakistan.These intellectuals are denying the reality.

The Intellectual Activism has penetrated the room of Indian digital media and Print media also. There is serious negligence of facts and it is clearly visible the way serious matters are discussed. A major issue is when English media talks about India majority and minority from trivial to most delicate issues like Ram Mandir verdicts: “English media clearly favors the minority community without any doubt”. They are clearly biased towards a particular minority community. The job of journalism is to tell the story as it is, not to tell their point of views.

Just few days  back Al Zazeera TV did a discussion on the concept of Internet Hindus. Sagrika Ghose ( She is also a Hindu) who coined the term Internet Hindu and one of top Media person from India, Subramanian Swamy is an Indian academician, politician, and economist, Sadanand Dhume an Indian writer and journalist who writes on Asian affairs.

Watch the video of Internet Hindu. If you will scroll video at 30 min Sadanad Dhume is talking about the tolerance of Indian Society. She is almost appalled and reacted. In her reaction she talked about a society in which People like Shaban Azmi and Javed Akhtar were not able to get a house in Mumbai. She is almost aghast with the situation which Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi faced. ( Zaved Akhtar and Shabana Azmi both are couple and one the most prominent family from Hindi film industry). I will not say that Sagarika Ghose was extremely biased on the issue. Instead at 28 minute in the video she represented her point on Congress and BJP and Muslim with great clarity and accuracy. Subramanian Swamy’s point of view about why India is a secular country is also right.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]Gl8CAtHYDXo[/youtube]

Javed Akhtar has also been interviewed by Pakistani media. The lady who has asked the same question on same issue on which Sagrika Ghose is appalled . Zaved Akhtar a person of extreme intellect has tutored the Pakistani interviewer on the issue. In India a Hindu who is non vegetarian many times didn’t get flat because the owner may be Jain, Brahmin or a vegetarian.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]Qn2iJ_lmFEs[/youtube]

In this video Javed Akhtar has presented the fact of India with extreme clarity. There are two interviews of Javed Akhtar present on YouTube which is done by Pakistani media and both are centered towards the issue that Indian Muslims are in deep problem and in both interviews Javed khtar rubbishes the interviewer with almost an emotion of contempt.  Every person in the world belonging to any community has some basic problem which is education, health, sanitation, employment and good life. No one talks about these issues and how these issues should reach to each and every Indian community.


There is a serious lack of following the ethics of journalism about which Madhu Trehan always talk in her interviews in Newslaundry.

Current Indian government is the most corrupt since Independence. The level of arrogance in the People who are inside Government is at such a high level that not a single spokesperson from government has ever been apologetic on the issue of corruption. English media has played a serious role in downplaying the role of Anna Hazare movement from last year.


Teesta Setalvad playing the role of activist which fights for the rights and injustice with Muslim community is good for Indian society. When her role is being played by the top editors of Indian digital media then it is a big problem. The role of  pseudo-activism  being played by Editors is one of the biggest problem of Indian media.  Editors and anchors are playing extremely dangerous role and belief on Media is at lowest point. Paid media has been a normal word of conversation.

If you want to be activist then please do that.

Media point of view on Following issue:

1. Media has played a great role in keeping the Gujarat riots news alive but one thing which Media forgets is 59 people who were Hindus were burned are not even talked in soft voices. There is a competition in different media houses to force Narendra Modi to apologize for Gujarat riot on record. In reality Narendra Modi will never be able to whitewash that part of his political career but somehow amid all the controversies he has worked very hard and created a name for himself as ambassador of development.

2. Media never did any introspection regarding Radia tapes.

3. English media has almost ignored and played a great role to detract the Anna hazare movement against corruption.

4. When Ram Janm Bhoomi verdict came, top editors of Digital media were not satisfied with the verdict. Many anchors did programs under banner of “Controversial Verdict”.

5. There is a serious lack of journalism in English and Hindi media which impact social policies. The activism is basically connected with a particular religion. This intellectual activism is not distributed to the entire pyramid of Indian population.

6. English media obsession with Rahul Gandhi.

7. Media has been extremely soft on Government which is the most corrupt government of India since Independence.

The above list goes on and amazing point is media keeps defending itself. All of these things are happening under the umbrella of Intellectual activism. Please do journalism.

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