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BBC has new guidelines for Twitter usage:for their Journalist(UPDATE)

BBC Social Media Editor Chris Hamilton has just updated through a tweet only that at BBC “We encourage tweeting, replying and retweeting. News Guidance is unchanged”


The latest update is directly from the Social Media Editor of the BBC who has put rest to all the assumptions going on Twitter about BBC Guidelines on Twitter.

BBC has new guidelines for Twitter and Liam McLeod who is working as a sports journalist for BBC tweeted at-least two main guidelines for Twitter.


1. Responding to individual is  not allowed.

2. No Re-tweets.

These two guidelines clearly indicates that BBC doesn’t want their employee, particularly who are journalist to engage with the audience on Twitter.

The basic question is why BBC did it? The new Twitter guidelines has come just a day after a tweet by an Afghanistan television network TOLO news about the presence of US President Barack Obama in Afghanistan. This created quite a stir as US president Barack Obama was on an unannounced visit of Afghanistan due to security reason.

Joshua Hersh working in Huffington post as their foreign policy correspondent watched the Tweet and whole White House went on to  cover up. It was not an information which White house would have ever allowed to leak still the news Leaked.

I went through the Social Media Guidelines of BBC which they introduced in July 2011. As per the document which is available on the BBC website  BBC ‘s particular concern with Social Media are:

1. Your own personal activity, done for your friends and contacts,but not under or in the name of BBC News
2. Activity for core news (eg breaking news), programmes or genres carried out officially in the name of BBC News
3. Activity of editors, presenters, correspondents or reporters carried out as part of official BBC News output.

If we will go through the document it clearly represents that BBC Social Media Guidelines is more about

Safeguarding the  BBC Brand & BBC Business.

The latest addition is in someway of extreme nature which may impact the followers of BBC in the coming days. is it possible that other news and media houses will also consider extreme guidelines? Only future can answer ,till then we can wait.

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