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Blackberry Playbook goes again for sales

BLACKBERRY is adamant to sell its tablet Playbook and has announced another sale to drive the sale of Playbook. Blackberry announced the first phase of sale during the new year eve till 31st Dec2011.Surprisingly Blackberry has announced a new sale till fourth of February where pricing strategy seems intriguing at first look








All models of playbook at one price 299$. There is no doubt that this pricing model will create an interest in 64GB model playbook and drive sales also for that. If we will see the pricing model it is very clear that Blackberry wants to clear the inventory for the top models especially for the 64 GB. The price cut from top Playbook model to low is$400 to $200.Customers who bought the same model at @699/$599 must be disappointed.

We can see that many people will at least choose top model of Playbook. Even after a cut of $400 on Playbook top model  it will still not be the first choice of customer when Tablet like kindle fire are available at $199.

How much this price cut will drive the sales of Playbook when series of player are going to announce their new product in Tablet category..


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