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Comparison between Facebook and Twitter Fair or Not?



Recently lots of comparison between Facebook and Twitter has been made in tech and social blogs particularly about which one will drive more traffic to a website. Facebook has also started taking on twitter by adding facility like subscriber and providing verified account. There are many blog who are writing that Facebook is driving more traffic to websites than twitter and now Facebook has added some feature’s also to add the capacity of twitter also in the ever-growing capacities of Facebook.

The basic question is Why Twitter is being compared to Facebook. Some facts about Facebook.

*Facebook has more than eight hundred millions user distributed throughout world.

*Facebook is a social networking site which helps you to connect and share with people in your life.

*Facebook has already transformed a uni-polar internet in to bi-polar.

*Facebook is trying to be the focal point of Internet.

* The approach of Facebook is very wide.


Twitter defines itself as an information network and present itself as” The Fastest, Simplest way to stay close to everything you care about”. The approach of twitter is very simple and limited. No doubt that this simple and narrow approach has created a huge impact.

The specific characteristic of Twitter are

* Easy to join and use.

* Users are focused because distraction are very less.

*Unlimited amount of Freedom still ecosystem is very balanced because of the limited and focused approach of one forty characters.

* Any one can follow any one. Facebook has also provided the facility of subscribers but one of the basic difference is the live conversation which users are able to do on twitter is not possible. The basic reason behind this is even face has given the facility of subscribers Facebook is designed particularly keeping in sight of a user having a community of maximum five thousand. This is the basic hindrance which will not allow Facebook to add the capacity of real-time information available to everyone. Millions of closed ecosystem are connected with each other but not each one of them are open to each other. While in Twitter the ecosystem is open to everyone without being connected and that’s why Facebook will not be able to replicate the capacities of Twitter inside Facebook.

* Twitter has been the source for breaking news because of its very limited approach which allow information to be updated in real time.

*Dissemination of news also happens very Fast on Twitter because of only one reason. Any one can see any tweets. Privacy options are available but there is no use of being on Twitter if a user uses privacy.

*Celebrity has been particularly attracted to this medium because it allows them to have real-time conversation about their life with their Fans.

The impact which Twitter is creating causing Twitter being compared to Facebook. Facebook can add features of Twitter but it can’t be Twitter while Twitter can’t add any of the features of Facebook because it will not allow them to remain Twitter.

Facebook has huge option for monetizing while Twitter has a very limited. Facebook will naturally drive more traffic simply because of its huge number of users and there are many others also. So we think that both platform are operating on completely different parameters.

Videathink view: It is not fair to compare Twitter with Facebook and We are pretty sure that both will grow exponentially.

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