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Facebook acquired Instagram in $1 billion

Facebook has acquired Instagram in $1 billion. Mark Zuckerberg  announced on his Facebook page that “ I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook”. Instagram CEO Mike also posted on the official blog of Instagram that Instagram is joining Facebook. The most interesting aspect of this deal is a two year old application garnered $1 billion. Instagram is no doubt the best photographic application having its own social networking. The brand of Instagram is clearly visible from the fact that as few days back only Instagram team launched Android version and in twenty four hours the application was downloaded one million times. The ease with which a user can click photos, add effect on it and share it, provide an awesome experience to users. As we have seen a trend that now in Facebook many profile has particularly Instagram Album. Facebook will develop instagram independently instead of integrating in to Facebook and may be we can see that Instagram will be developed to compete directly with Pinterest. Developing an application like Instagram is not a big deal for Facebook but through this deal they have bought a fifteen million strong user base of Apple and through Android Instagram will go global. We have already said that Facebook is becoming more and more aggressive on internet and the latest shopping from Facebook makes it very clear. The basic point is Facebook wants to be the focal point of internet and in reality Facebook can’t compete with Pinterest which is already third number Social networking. The answer is why not develop a competitor for Pinterest and certainly the move will pay to Facebook a rich dividends. Internet is transforming and it is becoming more and more visually rich. Instagram will provide Facebook, real time insight of the visual picture creation and consumption.It will certainly help Facebook to make their user experience far better. The best part of this deal is Instagram will be a standalone application and as per our observation Facebook will place Instagram strategically against Pinterest. Share this post. Follow us On Facebook and Twitter.

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