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Facebook has launched: Explore London 2012 for London olympics


Facebook has launched an exclusive page for London Olympics 2012. London Olympics is the first major global event in which Facebook and Twitter will leave their imprint globally as a brand of sharing and disseminating information. This page is different because this page is specially launched by Facebook for Olympics. It is named Explore London 2012 on Facebook.

In 2008 Olympics held in Beijing and as China keeps a tight control on internet and media, Social Media didn’t get the opportunity to play their role for a Global event like Olympics. Facebook, Twitter have matured enough and London Olympics will allow them first time to show their true nature.

This special launch of a Page dedicated to Olympic 2012 by Facebook has created a conflict of interest with the official London 2012 committee and as per the reports which is coming on different blogs Facebook will not be able to  use it for advertisement. It doesn’t matter that Facebook is not making money through this page but they will add a lots of value to their brand and their 900 million users.

This Facebook page is like Facebook channel on which Facebook users will get the information regarding game results of their country, favorite athletes and games.

At present 180 athletes, 60 teams and 25 games have their profiles on the Facebook Olympic page. More than 10k athletes are participating and indeed in the coming days Facebook will evolve this page as a channel to disseminate, share and engage 900 million audience around the world.

It will be really interesting to see that the Olympic Page which is created by Facebook will get more attention than official Facebook page of Olympic 2012.

What Facebook will gain?

1. Every brand wants them-self to associate with Olympic. Facebook has created their own non profitable association with Olympics 2012 which will add enormous value to Facebook and their users.

2. Facebook will be able to compete with Twitter because Twitter is first choice for any events to disseminate the information. If Facebook is able to create a high level of engagement for London Olympic 2012 during the event it is possible that Facebook will use this new format to monetize also.

The most interesting part will if Google+ will also come up with a brand page on London Olympics 2012.

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