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Facebook has launched App center! Available on Facebook iOS and Android Apps


Facebook has launched App center. Application which will be featured on the Facebook App center are Pinterest and draw something. App center is rolled from US with 600 apps and in few weeks it will be available through out world.

Features of the Facebook app:

1. Best apps: Only high quality apps are listed on Facebook and this list is based on the feedback from the people who have used the app. Personalized recommendation is provided by Facebook app center and it also allows you to look in to the apps your friend are using.

2. Install mobile apps: Facebook app center is also available in the environment of iOS and Android apps. Facebook user send the apps from computer to mobile by using the send to mobile feature and if any mobile feature requires any download it will be send to Google Play or Apple app store.

3.Preview and Privacy: Facebook app center provides a detailed description of an app with a screenshot. App center will also allow a user to have privacy control on the way he uses the app and who can view.

Facebook app center is the first step of Facebook trying to develop an ecosystem for Facebook.

You can watch this video created by Facebook about Facebook app center


[youtube width="500" height="300"]RtlVDflJCgA[/youtube]


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