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Facebook has launched Facebook Camera for iPhone


Facebook has launched a separate app that will allow people to have the best experience of photos on Smartphone. At-last Facebook has realized that Facebook  has limitation and it can’t be. The announcement came on Facebook news room. It say’s

“Today, we’re introducing Camera, a new mobile app that makes using Facebook photos faster and easier”.

This app will allow a Facebook user:

1. Facebook user can see all the friend photos at one place.


2. Fast and multiple sharing. Just tap and click on the all the photos a Facebook user want to share and then simply hit post.

3. Editing Photo will be easy and Facebook user can also add filters.

Facebook camera will be available for iPhone from today.


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We were taking a stand since many days that the ecosystem of Facebook is not made to share Photos. Facebook spend

$1 billion to buy Instagram and launched a standalone photo app for Facebook. I am sure that Facebook have done all the calculation before launching this app. Most visible impact of the app will be.

1. It will act as a competitor for Facebook core social media application.

2. Facebook camera is also a competitor for Instagram.

Facebook has mentioned in their IPO application that half of their user access Facebook in from Phone. Now Facebook ecosystem is not developed for Smartphone. It is a Desktop based social network sites and somehow Facebook is facing the heat of development of mobile application based social networking. Facebook mobile app is no position to provide the same  experience which mobile application like Instagram or Path. Buying Instagram was a brilliant decision but Facebook should monetize Instagram brilliantly.

Facebook has some how develop a Facebook ecosystem for  iOS and Android and they are already doing that.

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