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Facebook has 901 million users: Moving towards 1 billion

Facebook has 901 million monthly active users. 


Facebook has displayed their statistics in their fourth amended S-1 filing available here. It is the staggering statistics which is presented in this amendment it displays the muscle power of Facebook when it comes to Social Media. 

As presented in the commencements Facebook says 

The mission of Facebook is to make world more open and connected.

People use Facebook to stay connected with their friends and family, to discover what is going on in the world around them, and to share and express what matters to them and to the people they care about.

Facebook Says  ”we are at the forefront of enabling faster, easier, and richer communication between people and that Facebook has become an integral part of many of our users’ daily lives. We have experienced rapid growth in the number of users and their engagement”.

Statistics Regarding Facebook users:

-Facebook has 901 million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) as of March 31, 2012. 33% rise in comparison of 2011.

-Facebook has 526 million  DAUs (daily active users) on average in March 2012. 41% rise in comparison of 2011.

-488 MAUs(Monthly active users) uses Facebook mobile product.

-125 billions friends connections.

-Users have generated 3.2 billion likes and comments daily in the first quarter of Facebook.

The above statistics is most attractive point for advertisers where they can connect and engage their product with hundred millions of active users of Facebook on daily basis.

What ever Facebook has presented in the amendment no -4 S-1 provide a clear picture and strategy of Facebook.

Facebook uses a particular sentence  ”Foundation of the social web” and continues

“We believe that the web, including the mobile web, is evolving to become more social and personalized. This evolution is creating more rewarding experiences that are centered on people, their connections, and their interests. We believe that the following elements form the foundation of the social web”. The elements which Facebook think are foundation of social web:

1. True identity- Facebook is working a lot to have the true identity of people. This is one of the major criteria for developing social web.

2. Social Graph-The connections between people and their friends and interests represents social Graph. Every person or entity is represented by a point within the graph, and the affiliations between people and their friends and interests form billions of connections between the points. Mapping of the Social Graph enables Facebook and Platform developers to build more engaging user experiences that are based on these connections.

3. Social distribution-Over time, people are consuming and creating more kinds of information at a faster pace across a broader range of devices. The growing volume of information makes it challenging to find meaningful and trusted content and to effectively make your voice heard. Facebook organizes and prioritizes content and serves as a powerful social distribution tool delivering to users what we believe they will find most compelling based on their friends and interests.

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The above view of Facebook about itself as a foundation of social web will allow many experts to peek in to the future strategy of Facebook and personally I think that this part is the most important part. Facebook is trying to transform or evolve www or world wide web in to a social web. It will change the nature of the web and its implications will be drastic on the behavior of web itself. This is the biggest concern for Google today.

Facebook is adding value to its users, developers and advertisers and marketers. All four of them are essential for the growth strategy of Facebook. When it come to strategy of Facebook. Facebook says

- Brazil, Germany, Japan, Russia, India, South Korea is the market where Facebook wants to penetrate.

- Increasing Engagement by building great social products and providing the customers most compelling user experience. One aspect which Facebook has specially focused is on developing products and technologies focused on optimizing Facebook social distribution channel to deliver the most useful content to each user by analyzing and organizing vast amount of information in real time

-Enable developers to build most engaging social products using the Facebook platform.

Facebook has considered two market opportunities to earn revenues.

1. Advertising Market opportunity.

2. Payment Market opportunity.

As per Facebook  most advertisers are still learning and experimenting with the best ways to leverage Facebook to create more social and valuable ads.

Financial aspect:

advertising revenues has increased in the first quarter by 45%  from 2011. Advertising revenue has grown to $872 million while in 2011 for this quarter it was $637 million.

Facebook has provided a detailed Financial aspect of the Facebook. Industry must be watching all the details made available by Facebook specially one company Google.

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