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Facebook timeline will transform Facebook in to a DATA goldmine

Facebook has already made their much-anticipated Facebook timeline profile open for every user and users have already started changing their profile to timeline. Once you activate the profile and did not revert back to previous profile in seven days then timeline will be your official profile. Facebook Timeline profile adaptation by users are low but in the coming months it will be official profile of Users. Facebook has also started to promote timeline profile on their sign in page through a video which will certainly attract numerous viewers and a tryout for Facebook.

Timeline profile, the name itself generates a curiosity in the mind of user but what is exactly Timeline . When time is portrayed on a line is known as Timeline. When a user will change his profile in to Timeline Facebook will convert all the status updates, interaction on the Facebook of that user on a timeline and there will be cover photo of your profile.The population of earth is seven billion and by August one billion will be on Facebook and they have a tool to where they can tell every story of their life since their birth. It has never happened in history of any service that it has allowed its users such a high level of self-expression. we are not going to dissect Timeline functionality but we are more interested in the strategic placement of Timeline profile concept on Facebook.As a concept Facebook Timeline is not an innovation as we already stated in our another post timeline and Di-pity. The product design is mostly influenced by Nicholas Felton who brilliantly conceptualized  annual reports of human being by making his own first annual report in 2005.


The ”Timeline profile” is an innovation and a smart move from Facebook to apply it directly on profile. Timeline profile is itself an unprecedented product which has given one billion people a tool to share their story of life. In history of human civilization till this time it has never happened that so many people have a platform to self express about their life at the same time. Sharing word has always been a major pillar of Facebook.

For one billion user to adapt this profile will take time but we are sure that every user on Facebook will adapt to this new profile in some time and it will turn Facebook in to goldmine of information which will be extremely accurate. Google is a search engine and their point of interaction with a user is when a user wants to search something on net. This interaction provides tonnes of facts to Google . If we will see Google insights for search they are depicting their insights on different parameters like region, web, image, news and product as well as year. When we analyzed Timeline profile we think that it is a tool which will give most accurate insights about every aspects related to human beings on different parameter. Facebook timeline is an amazing development. We are pretty sure that internal and external dynamics of Facebook  would be such that it will be able to gather maximum aspect of a user’s life. As we have already said in our post Felton Phenomenon that annual report of one human being does not make any difference but what if Timeline profile  is capable of generating data of one billion annual report then naturally Facebook’s position would be almost unbeatable. We can predict that Facebook in the coming years will be the goldmine of accurate information and it will give them an unprecedented accuracy in ad placement on Facebook. How timeline will evolve in the coming years will be an interesting point to watch.

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