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Facebook trying to be the focal point of Internet


Facebook is trying to be the focal point of internet. It appears as the first line of this article is an exaggerated statement but the strategy which Facebook have applied is clearly indicating that Facebook is indeed trying to be the focal point of internet. When we say focal point of internet we mean

1. More than 850 million users which is distributed through out world.

2.A whole internet inside Facebook, Driving traffic to other sites on internet and driving the consumption of the content which can be movie, news, blog, videos and every other form of digital content directly or indirectly.

3.Developing the ability to have the perfect knowledge and insights of consumer behavior.

4.Driving business to advertiser.

Facebook has already transformed the uni-polar internet in to bi-polar( other pole is Google) and now Facebook is trying to be the single most powerful point on Internet. How a networking sites has continuously transformed itself in to such a powerful engine which is pushing, sharing, driving, publishing and consuming content inside its own ecosystem which is fully controlled by the users inside the ecosystem of Facebook.

1. More than 850 million user: Society exist because of human being and the activities of human being like interactions and sharing with another human or group or community develop has developed the whole web of society. Mark zuckerberg is replicating those layers inside a virtual world which is known as Facebook. It is not an easy task and the most difficult one is to convince a user that such kind of social interaction is possible inside a digital world and Facebook has convinced its user.

Facebook allowed and gave itself enough time so that the internal ecosystem should mature with users. Users are drivers for the growth and development of the ecosystem inside Facebook. Facebook and users matured side by side. The whole process of developing the internal ecosystem was carefully crafted so that users should be able to adapt. It is very important for Facebook that user should also mature with internal ecosystem and they did also.

Facebook as whole ecosystem is developed keeping a knit community of a person having maximum of five thousand people in his friend list in sight and combining millions of these community made the giant Facebook. How a community of five thousand people  interact, share and engage with each on different issues of their life.This was the main reason it worked because nothing beyond their community was given to them still they are connected to everyone in the world.

Facebook introduced a series of interacting platforms inside the user home page which is positively oriented and has the capacity to prompt the user to interact at a higher level in his communities. Facebook worked heavily on developing a very high level of engagement process in a community and it has worked very well.

Facebook users percentage is well distributed through out world and it is well accepted. One of the main reason behind very well accepted through out world is Facebook concentrated on developing tools for ecosystem which users can democratically use the way they want and they are well accepted if they don’t use the tools.

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