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Facebook upgraded the image experience but why?


Last month Facebook upgraded the image experience which a user can have on two parameters that is size and resolution. It is clearly a sign that Facebook is becoming more and more aggressive and competing with every categories. In last one year there is a new phenomenon observed about internet users and that is internet users are getting more and more inclined towards visual experience and they like it.

Pinterest is the latest craze on the world of social media and the extraordinary success of application like Instagram refers to this interesting development the way users are consuming digital content.

As we have already said that Facebook is trying to be the focal point of internet and Facebook will try to keep user as much as on Facebook. So Facebook is constantly upgrading the visual experience of a user. Last moth on 22 march, Facebook enhanced the photo viewers which includes full screen viewing and high resolution pictures.

You would like to read Facebook trying to be focal point of Internet.

High resolution Now photo viewer will automatically display photo in the highest resolution possible and on a larger display it will be four times bigger.

Full screen view Any user can view the picture in a full screen and this up gradation is available is Facebook user is using Firefox or Chrome.


We think that Facebook is regularly upgrading the visual experience inside Facebook

There is a change in the behavior of the consumption of digital content. Internet users are more interested in rich visual image and experience.

second reason behind it is it allows them to consume a very large amount of data, information and news in a very small amount of time and same is not possible when it is text.

-Pinterest became an instant hit and now third number social networking website. Recently Instagram launched the android version and in 24 hours more than one million download recorded.

If Facebook has to keep up its dominating position in the world of Internet then have to compete with every one.

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