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Facebook will sell apps through Facebook app center


Facebook has announced that soon they will be launching App center. In a post on the developer blogs of Facebook  the announcement was made. Facebook having more than 901 million users is like a direct access to the biggest online consumer community on one single platform but the problem with Facebook was what to sell them because they are social networking site.

Problem is solved and Facebook has entered in to the world selling digital content through their upcoming Facebook app center. The social networking site which has 901 million users must be preparing the strategy to capture their share of pie from the market of Digital Content. That will be point of discussion for Future but what is Facebook app center?

Facebook app center is the place from where Facebook 901 million users will be able to find everything about the apps which is available on Facebook. With the launch of The App center app will be available in 11 categories.

The App center will also rate an app. The ratings which an app will get will support the success of an app. Facebook will use different methods like user ratings and engagement to determine an app is listed in a website or not. So if your application is getting a poor review, the application will not be listed in to Facebook App center.

The growth of Facebook in recent time sis mostly driven by the Smartphone and Mobile phone. Facebook has proved its viability as tool but Facebook still has to prove its financial feasibility. In the post Facebook has clearly mentioned that the App center is designed to grow mobile apps which use Facebook- whether they are on i-OS, Android or the mobile web. Facebook app center will not be an independent but will be dependent on i-OS and Google play. Any that require installation will be sent down to app store or Google play to download the app.

Facebook is also starting the paid app beta feature. Developers need to create their App page detail because it is required for being listed on Facebook app center. The future strategy of Facebook app center will strictly depend on how users are reacting to Facebook app center.

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