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Twitter India users wished: Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg


If your name is Mark Zuckerberg and you are founder of Facebook then on your birthday be ready to receive wishes from millions of people around the world.Year 2012 is an important year in the Timeline of Facebook as in few days Facebook IPO will be released.

In a post on Thenextweb  Steve Wozniak the founder of Apple made an interesting statement about  Mark Zuckerberg

[highlighter color="gray" ]“I see Mark Zuckerberg  as a closer to the combination of us. When he speaks with a lot of ideas for users and a lot of good idea’s for product overall, it’s very admirable”.[/highlighter]

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook and no doubt Facebook has transformed whole internet and netizens  and people around world from different countries. As ” Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg” is trending on Twitter we thought to find out that how  Twitter users are wishing Mark Zuckerberg on his birthday.

On internet one of the most important space to have an idea about any particular incident or product or about a person is Twitter. We took a tour of Twitter and it is interesting.

The Tweets can be categorically divided in to three parts. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and features, impact, characteristics and competition of Facebook. Overall we can sum-up that Tweets have been extremely positive in terms of praise or critics. An important aspect we have observed that Mark Zuckerberg has earned tremendous respect for what he has achieved. We thought why not bring some interesting Tweets from trend “Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg”

1.Mark Zuckerberg

It is surprising that Mark Zuckerberg receives birthday wishes from i-store india which a premium reseller of Apple product in India promoted by Reliance Digital.


There are thousand of Tweets about many Twitter user are coming up with some interesting concepts. One of the irony is Mark Zuckerberg has created Facebook  but he is trending on Twitter getting wishes through Twitter also. This is the irony which Twitter users are expressing frequently in their Twitter. We also wish Mark Zuckerberg Happy Birthday.

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