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How to engage your audience on Facebook more?

How to engage your audience on Facebook more ? What a web publisher can do  which will effect the engagement level of the audience. We did a extensive data analysis on many Famous Facebook pages and we observed some interesting fact and pattern which was present in all the pages we observed.

If you are already a very famous web publisher having monthly unique visitors in millions then engaging audience is not a big deal for them but what about a new publisher.

What a web publisher want from any Social Media Marketing?

-Increase in traffic.

-Marketing of Facebook Fan page and Website.

-Comment on a post is a very high level of engagement because it indicates that the audience has gone through the article.

-Number of share Should be high because it increases the reach of a particular post to a very large number of audience because the post will be visible in the community of all the people who has shared it.

So how you can do it?

After analyzing thousands of post from different pages on the following premises that is likes, comment and share we came to a conclusion that any post which is visually rich means if it is very stimulating photograph or graphic design or video it will produce far better result than a text based post.

How a web publisher can use it?

1.For any web publisher it is a tricky track where they have to market their page but the basic premise is to market the website. They should create a graphic design for every post they are publishing. The graphic design should act as a headline for your post. It will certainly increase the engagement of your post on Facebook. Never try to reveal all the answer of an article in the graphic design because you want your audience to read the article.

How it will help in increasing engagement because it is very easy for a audience to get an idea that what he is going to read in the article. It is like creating a better ad. Many times you will get a sharing or like even if your audience has not read your article but he has liked your design. The reach of the post has increased and it may be it has reached to the audience who wants to read it.

2. Never think that it is the solution to increase the traffic on your website. Nothing can replace a great content or article. It is a support which any web publisher can provide to its content.

Create a great content which supported by a very good graphic design headline will certainly help you to increase the visibility and traffic of your Facebook fan page as well as website.

The above observation also forced us to think on following points

-are we loosing our capacity to read?

- are we more interested in Picture and visually rich media?

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